They have launched awareness and vaccination campaigns against pneumonia, influenza and Covid-19

The Argentine Society of Vaccinology and Epidemiology (SAVE) has launched an information campaign that will take place tomorrow and Wednesday at the Retiro train station, where information will be provided on the importance of vaccination against pneumonia, influenza and Covid -19 Information, the Ministry of Health will also set up booths, and interested parties can receive the corresponding vaccines for free.

“La Posta es Vacunarse” events will take place tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday at 1500 Ramos Mejia Avenue, where a new “awareness post” will be set up, they said in a statement.

“La Posta es Vacunarse” is an initiative that spreads across several regions of the country, announcing that people aged 65 or older or minors belonging to high-risk groups can receive pneumonia and influenza vaccines in health centers. Health, PAMI pharmacies and vaccination site

“This winter has shown us that Covid-19 infections, as well as other respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and influenza, are still ongoing,” insists SAVE president Florencia Cahn, an epidemiologist.

“However, many times people do not have access to good information or advice that can help them stay healthy. Awareness Post is an initiative to reach out to all those who are eager to receive accurate medical information and advice on the benefits of vaccine immunity,” he stressed explain.

The three main vaccines that the initiative focuses on are completely free, the influenza vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine are included in the national vaccination plan for boys and girls aged 6 to 23 months, starting from 2 months, 4 months and 12 months In case of pneumonia.

Both vaccines are also available to everyone age 65 or older and people ages 2 to 64 with at-risk conditions.

Regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, although it is not officially listed in the timetable, it is free to apply for.

Recently, the Ministry of Health recommended that booster shots be given to the highest risk groups if six months have passed since the last dose and continue at the above frequency; and for moderate risk groups, booster shots are given six months after the last dose, Subsequent annual vaccinations are recommended; for low-risk groups, annual booster doses are recommended.

According to data from the Ministry of Health’s latest vital statistics report, 63,018 people died from respiratory-related diseases in Argentina in 2021, including 33,812 from influenza and pneumonia.

This represented 8.2% of total deaths from known causes that year, while for Covid-19, the death rate was 26.3% higher than expected (89,895 deaths) according to the same survey, an indicator that included deaths due to Covid -19 and deaths related to compromised access to health care during the pandemic.

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