They pronounced a 90-year-old woman dead and when they prepared to cremate her, they discovered she was still alive

According to local media reports, 90-year-old Norma Silveira da Silva was pronounced dead at the Homero Miranda Regional Hospital in San Jose and was taken to the morgue for cremation, but several Hours later, she was found alive.

Jéssica Silvi Pereira, a friend of the deceased who visited Norma at the medical center a few hours ago, said the Brazilian woman was taken to hospital in serious condition and last Saturday she The son received a death notice. The death certificate said the woman died of a “urinary tract infection.”

Norma’s body was taken to the San Jose Mortuary, however, hours later, as the woman was being prepared for cremation, a crematorium worker discovered her body still warm and breathing in a mortuary bag. “From 11:40 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. he stayed in the bag, almost suffocating,” Pereira said.

Norma was hospitalized again but died on Monday. A second certificate stated that death was caused by “septic shock” caused by “indefinite sepsis.” It was unclear whether the woman’s death was due to her being without medical attention for several hours or due to the illness she was initially suffering from when she was admitted to the hospital.

In this context, the Regional Medical Council of Santa Catarina stated that “it is aware of the situation and will establish appropriate procedures to follow up on the case.” The hospital announced that it has begun investigating the case and will take appropriate measures measure. Still, Pereira said Norma’s family hopes to sue the hospital. He added: “I don’t want anyone to have such concerns.”

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