They pulled off a bizarre spoof of Leo Messi wearing Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt

Current football legend Leo Messi is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Miami, away from the pitch and the pressure of competition.

The Argentinian star, who recently joined Inter Miami, has made the most of his free time before the team embarks on a tour of Asia to promote its brand and products. In the meantime, the Argentinian star and his family have chosen to stay in Florida and explore the wonders Miami has to offer.

Miami is known for its cultural diversity and Latin influence, providing the ideal environment for Messi and his family to relax. Little Havana is rich in Cuban heritage, making it one of the family’s favorite destinations. There, they enjoyed cafes and restaurants that reflected the authenticity of Cuban culture.

Messi’s fans were present during this wonderful time as he explored Miami with his family, as word quickly spread that the world champion was coming to the city and a group of people approached him asking for photos and autographs. Leo Messi is always friendly and approachable to his followers, smiling and responding to the requests of admirers around him.

Just then, a man present came over, holding a shirt with Cristiano Ronaldo’s name printed on the back. When Captain Celeste White realized how unusual the situation was, a look of surprise immediately appeared on his face.

When he first saw Ronaldo’s jersey, Messi showed a surprised expression, as if he knew that this spoof would immediately go viral, because the photo showed him holding Ronaldo’s jersey.

Messi’s reaction was both surprise and amusement. Although the rivalry with the Portuguese was intense, it was not enough to ruin his family weekend, with Ten taking the opportunity to watch his son Thiago play.

The eldest of Messi Jr. donned the black jersey of the Herons to face Naples Elite Soccer Club at North Collier Regional Park, with his father’s signature number on his back.

Over the past few hours, a video of the 11-year-old boy has gone viral for the skills he displayed in the images he posted.

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