They put a brace on Mona Jimenez after a stroke

Carlos “Ramona” Jimenez

After emergency hospitalization at the Heart Modeling Institute, Cordoba, Carlos “monkey” Jimenez underwent catheterization Later, a bracket.

Intervention is carried out by health center professionals who decide to perform surgery with the aim of improving blood flow.

Now, the singer will remain hospitalized and monitored daily by specialists from the institute, at least until the end of the month, as confirmed by his son and by local media. twelve people.

Concerns about the singer’s health extended to his fans, who, out of nervousness, turned to his daughter Natalia to send him strength and well wishes. To this end, the designer shared an emotional message on Instagram Stories.

La Mona Jimenez (La Mona Jimenez) daughter Natalia (Natalia) shared a photo (Instagram)

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One of the first questions she gets from fans is: “Natie, how’s daddy? How about you?”. She replied: “My ten-year-old dad only has a few days left and his tiny house is just that.”

Asked by another follower about her sad look, affected by the pandemic, she replied, “I go one day at a time. To be honest, my heart pauses, and now I’m preoccupied with my dad.”

Finally, the quartet’s daughter thanked her fans. “My heart is heavy and I’m going to bed,” he said, drawing an emoji of a bandaged heart.

The Story of La Mona Jimenez’s Daughter Natalia (Photography)

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Three days ago, Natalia posted a photo with her dad, in which the two of them shared a partner sitting on a bench. The fun carousel will make them laugh and make faces. The designer paired the image with a heart emoji, “Band-Aid” and a sentimental phrase: “My dad, fill my heart.”

The singer’s problems began earlier this month when the quartet’s frontman underwent emergency surgery for severe abdominal pain. At the time, the news got a lot of attention from his fans until the hospital where he was admitted released some pictures of the artist.

In this case, his daughter Natalia posted a story on her social networks in which you can see some pictures with the caption: “Let’s dance, Dad.” At that moment, we See how the composer of hits like “El bum bum” and “El Federal” let go of his daughter’s hand and moved her hand, revealing the palm and back, recreating his now-classic famous Chorus. his logo.

He then added another story from his father, with a touching message: “My old man, you are an oak tree, and you have many little angels everywhere watching over you.” The post was immediately filled with “I like you” and comments of encouragement and affection for the musician. “Dear Mona, we all pray for you. Old man, we love you!”, “Long live the king”, “Come on Jimenez, the strength be with you”, Come on little monkey, you have illuminated me since I was a child I love you Mona,” his admirers told him of their immediate support when they found out he was hospitalized with follow-up surgery in early August.

Meanwhile, his other daughter, Lorraine Jimenez, described how he discovered his father’s health problems through social networks. “I’m at a school meeting and the alarm bells go off. I’m leaving, I’m arriving, I see you’re fine, gastroenteritis,” the singer began. He then continued: “I know, acute gastritis can pop up and ruin you. But it’s not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you and we get the broken glass out. Cheers and thank you for giving it to us today Pachamama. I love you!” he said to his father with emotional words.

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