They reveal the recipe to wash dishes ten times faster

They reveal the recipe to wash dishes ten times faster

washing dishes is This is one of the most tedious tasks. Many people could do without a dishwasher if they had one, but with rising electricity prices and a general increase in household fixed expenses, many people decide not to do so in order to save a few euros at the end of each month..

Another option is Wash dishes like you have done all your life: Use a sponge or scouring pad and soap. This technique is simple (especially if we do not let it accumulate in large quantities without cleaning) and to put it into practice we only need a sink with water (hot if possible) and the above tool.

Although not entirely necessary, many people Decided to add gloves to their dishwashing routine: This way, they won’t come into contact with residual dirt on the surface, and your hands won’t be harmed if they come into contact with cleaning products or water.

The Ultimate Tip for Washing Dishes Faster

Anyway, washing dishes is okay Becomes one of the most repetitive and tedious tasks Make it at home. Unlike other home maintenance tasks, it can become one of the most luxurious and unpleasant tasks as it must be completed at least three times a day.

Any improvements to the effectiveness of this process are welcome.maybe it’s for this reason has gone viral life hacks From content creator Gemma Cubelos (@cubelosg) He shares his tips for washing dishes faster via the social network TikTok.

In addition to shortening the time we spend Clean spoons, glasses, bowls Like other household items, this is a way to save and use products more efficiently.

Gemma Cubelos’ tip is simple: Instead of pouring soap directly onto the scouring pad (This action wastes time every time) First we have to fill the ice bucket with detergent and then put it in the refrigerator.

After a few hours, the soap will set It will be in the form of ice cubes. In this way, when we go to wash, we only need to remove the bucket and insert it into the sponge, and the soap will fall off bit by bit during the cleaning process, avoiding the trouble of frequently replenishing the sponge with water.

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How to keep a scouring pad clean

Anyway, before speed we have to Consider hygiene: To keep your kitchen scrubber clean, hygienic practices are necessary because sponges tend to accumulate bacteria and food debris, so cleaning it is crucial to prevent bacterial growth.

firstwe have to rinse the scrubber after every use Use hot water to remove residue and detergent. Then, it must be placed in a ventilated place and away from water so that it is dry and does not breed bacteria. In addition, it must be washed frequently with hands and hot water (once a week and sprinkled with vinegar).

Regarding replacement, ideally it would be every few weeks or when we see it starting to wear out. Finally, having multiple functions must be avoided as it may transfer bacteria from one place to another.

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