They set up a flu and COVID vaccination point at the Algeciras market

This morning the Tuesday market in Parque Feria has become a new vaccination point for influenza and coronavirus.

Sabina Quiles, Representative for Health, Consumption and Markets, accompanied by Patricia Bueno, Representative for Civil Protection and Emergencies, of the Camposiste Health Management District, Gibraltar professionals go to vaccination sites.

On October 30, Andalusia started the third phase of its influenza vaccination campaign, as well as the 2023/2024 coronavirus vaccination campaign, which started on October 9 and will continue in the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, people over 60 years old and professional groups (national security forces and corps, prisons, ranchers, etc.) were vaccinated against influenza and coronavirus.

Qualls concluded by expressing the city’s support for the event, providing space and tents for vaccinations, and thanking all health professionals for their work and dedication.

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