‘They told me Marvel would ruin my reputation’


In cinema there is often a tendency to make a real caesura between the actors according to the projects in which they participate. In recent years many have led to a reversal of this trend thanks to their ability to move from arthouse films to blockbusters with ease. Florence Pugh it is one of them.

In just a few short years, the Academy Award-nominated actress has been capable not only to build a respectable filmography but also to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a role defined as “the natural heir” of The Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson for a long time. Despite this it seems that Pugh had been advised against signing with Marvel Studios as many were apparently convinced that taking this path would have led to the end of his career in auteur cinema.

It’s not the first time Florence Pugh has lashed out at Hollywood and its sick dynamics. The story told by the actress actually reveals what seems to be a limitation of modern cinema: not conceiving that an actor/actress capable manages to play both busy characters and heroes (or antiheroes as in the case of Pugh) of action. “When I first signed with Marvel, a lot of people in the indie world told me I would never go back to small movies, and that always pissed me off. Why I think there is beauty in all kinds of movies. There’s beauty in huge, epic storylines like Dune, like Marvel, like even Oppenheimer what did I do. They are great, mega movies” the actress said.

And then there’s also the beauty in all these little ones that not everyone will see, but they will affect the right person at the right time. I never, ever thought I’d make just one type of film. I’ve always known that I want to dabble in all areas” he concluded by specifying how much his aspiration is to become an increasingly complete actress. Pugh was paid a whopping $10 million for Thunderbolts and another mysterious project, making it clear how much Marvel wants to bet on her for the future of the MCU.

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