They warn of the dangers of this viral trick of hanging laundry at home

They warn of the dangers of this viral trick of hanging laundry at home

they started autumn and winter Then there’s the issue of drying clothes after washing: as temperatures drop and precipitation increases, the humidity percentage in the environment increases, as does the time it takes for clothes to stay dry.

Many people turn to dryers to avoid this problem, but Some people cannot afford this particular device. And it’s so expensive. Additionally, you must also consider how much your electricity bill will increase with its use.

Tips for drying clothes indoors in autumn and winter

Social networks are flooded with advice on how to get information Clothes become drier when we remove them from the washing machine: The most classic one is to increase the dehydration speed so that the clothes are washed with as little water as possible.

Remedios en Casa account published Videos on your Instagram profile He suggests how to increase the useful space on your clothesline: It involves modifying the way we place clothes to take advantage of clothespins and hang them vertically. The idea is to line up the clothes with the clothesline’s pole rather than hanging them from it.

Criticism of viral hanging clothes trick

Although The effectiveness of this method is beyond doubt, thanks to the use of this technology, the number of clothes hung on the clothesline increased from six to nine, the fact is that the publication was full of criticism about one detail: depending on the fabric of the clothes, the clothespins could leave marks on the clothes . To avoid this, users recommend hanging clothes directly on hangers to dry so they are smooth and do not require ironing.

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