They will investigate your lawyer’s incapacity

Lawyer Álvaro José León has been ordered under investigation for again postponing a hearing to bring charges against former Córdoba governor Alejandro Leon.

The trial chamber of the Supreme Court ordered the investigation of lawyer Alvaro José Lyons after he again delayed the prosecution of former Córdoba governors Alejandro Lyons and Moussa Beceré for alleged involvement in ” Hemophilia Cartel” hearings.

According to the High Court, since 2020 jurists have been delaying these proceedings on the grounds of illness, so this time evidence was ordered to determine whether the lawyers were indeed ill or they were an excuse for delaying the proceedings. Case: Judicial Proceedings Against Former Department Chair.

“Given the fact that the defense himself has repeatedly proposed to postpone the hearing, it is necessary to review the actions on the matter from the moment the lawyer Álvaro José Lyons Villalba defended Lyons” , read in the file.

During these delays, lawyers became convinced that he had bronchitis and now gastroenteritis, which led the Supreme Court to order the doctor who had disabled him this time to submit a report explaining “the diagnosis given, the scientific or evidence”. granting medical reasons for disability”.

Likewise, legal medicine must evaluate Attorney Lyons and analyze his clinical history to determine whether he is ill and whether he is disabled.

Finally, the company noted that “this is the third time that lawyer Álvaro José Lyons has asked for a postponement of the hearing to present the charges, alleging health problems, which, given the co-occurrence of various medical conditions, means a high level of concern for the Chambers They introduced him when the hearing on the charges was about to resume.”

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