This drink will always keep you young: even Nicole Kidman always drinks it

Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman is always beautiful, but the merit is not only in the operation, but also in good habits. Here is a drink that will always keep you as young as she is.

Who does not know beauty Nicole Kidmanex-wife Tom Cruise, gorgeous today at 55, just like yesterday, peach skin, toned physique and charm in abundance.

With wonderful red hair, a pale complexion and light eyes, the actress looks like a doll, and although she has clearly resorted to plastic surgery, her facial features have not been distorted, as unfortunately many stars do.

She is an eternal diva that never seems to pass for her. But what are his secrets? Eternal youth?

It seems that in addition to her beauty routine, the gorgeous actress is taking a drink of sorts that helps her stay young and perfect. Let’s find out what.


For an actress, facial expression is fundamentally important, but Nicole Kidman for some time, due to a series of unsuccessful attempts to resort to Botox, he lost it. Luckily, she later repented and ran for cover as she said. Republic “I have never had surgery. Unfortunately, I tried botulinum toxin, but there are still a few days left, and now I can finally move my face again.”

Luckily, he completely lost his expression. He also said: “And I’m glad I got rid of it: I can move my forehead again. It’s a big plus for facial expression and let’s not talk about pluses for my acting.”

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Green tea-ifood (photo by pexels)

What does Nicole Kidman drink to stay young?

But to keep your beauty intact Nicole Kidman he takes some precautions, as he confesses: “I always wear sunscreen, don’t smoke and take care of myself. I’m proud of it because everyone can do something for themselves. I do not judge, but I think that the most important thing is to keep yourself in shape. I grew up with this idea.”

This also seems to be true. green tea lover. This drink is almost known for its many properties, including a very important beneficial antioxidant effect. against free radicals responsible for cellular aging. Stimulating thanks to caffeine, it also fights fatigue. It quenches thirst, has a diuretic effect and, as already mentioned, with regular use protects against free radical damage, thereby slowing down the aging process of cells. Also great for low calorie diets as it stimulates metabolism and more. good and refreshing.

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