This is bad news for vegans in Europe

Mia Khalifa reveals 10 things she loves and 10 things she hates. The 30-year-old Lebanese star recently showed up in the UK for London Fashion Week (and made her runway debut). But given his frequent holidays to Europe, some of this place has become part of his hate list. This type of man has also been targeted.

According to Dream Baby Press, I rank the word “moon” at the top of my list of favorites. Having previously revealed that she is an excellent reader, it is not surprising that “keep a lot of books without reading” comes in third. Another noteworthy entry was the “first member of the day” in eighth place: Mia did not realize that she regularly smoked marijuana.

Top on the hate list are “vegans.” “Insecure Men” was in third place, and in relation to the entire continent, in seventh place as “Café en Europa”. I even tried to characterize our cafe as “weak” and “watered down.”

Your complete lists are as follows:

1) Moon.

2) When they say the name of the film.

3) Keep a mountain of books without reading.

4) Feeding Chimenea de Lena.

5) The aroma and taste of the naranjo flower.

6) Arabic hip-hop music.

7) When the outfit I came up with on my head works.

8) First leek of the day (with coffee).

9) Drive within hours.

10) “This song, I remember you.”

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