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End of July topless? Yes please. For Victoria DeAngelis, #freethenipple nothing new. Bassist Måneskin often shared photos without braand this is a real trend. Obviously, to overcome Instagram censorship, yes to the stars. “Goodbye,” she wrote, accompanying the snap, which garnered almost 700,000 interactions in less than a day after being posted on Instagram.

Victoria De Angelis topless on Instagram: photo

Returning from concerts in San Siro and Rome – the capital embraced Måneskin in an unforgettable embrace – Victoria De Angelis shared several pictures of complete relaxation on social networks, just in Saint Martin’s Island. By the way, it’s summer for her to kiss: with her moonalways together, and were caught between tender hugs AND passionate kisses.

Between concert and concert there is always a place for silence: moments of rest necessary to recharge the batteries and continue life on stage. Swimming in the sea is what it takes to get back on the right track, e Vic is a big fan of going topless. Indeed, for some time he strongly supported release the nippleand topless exposure has always been considered an avant-garde gesture.

Free the Nipple, much more than a trend: what it is and what it means

We talked a lot about nude look: between banners and strategic details, more and more stars and VIPs appear, who manifest themselves in complete freedom. It is in the Spring-Summer 2023 collections that we have witnessed great changes and a break from the past. Transparent materials are everywhere, not just on the catwalks or on social media: more and more, we feel free to express our style without prejudice or inhibitions.

About philosophy I see / I don’t see, it was the chest that became the main character. It was once “inconvenient” to publish some photos – apart from the ensuing media storm. today, however, such shots as topless leave us completely indifferent. A sign of changing times, coming in a freer future. The future is where I am women’s rights they are completely justified.

First time talking about release the nipple V 2012: at the heart of everything is the question that everyone asks: “Why make a distinction between a male and a female nipple”? And Victoria De Angelis is one of them. female artists most involved in this movementso much so that it never created a problem in share some pictures on social networks.

topless celebrity

After all, everyone loves topless: do we remember late summer Ilari Blasi? Or is Cristina Marino topless in photographs taken by her husband Luca Argentero? That’s between those who openly support topless and those who prefer to wear a cardigan without a bra – and how much criticism for Aurora Ramazzotti More and more stars are taking on this challenge. Proudly. Not only in Italy, but also abroad, from Bella Hadid To Kendall Jenner. Not to mention Emily Ratajkowskiwhich, together with Heidi Klum She is the queen of nude looks.

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