This Is How to Make Lasagna Soup, the Surprising Viral Recipe You’ll Prepare Before Christmas (With Video)

There is less and less time to celebrate Christmas lunches and dinners with family and loved ones, that’s why we look for one of these The hottest recipes on TikTok It is very popular among the users of this social network due to its variety of flavors and ease of preparation.Made by hand @sailor_bailey, we will tell you step by step how to make lasagna soup, an innovative way to eat this typical popular dish of Italian cuisine, which is very complete because it contains the carbohydrates of pasta while also There’s meat, tomatoes and basil.all one fusion of flavors This makes it Delicious and successful recipesDo you dare try lasagna in soup form?

It may seem strange to make lasagna soup, but the truth is that the soup offers so much more flavor and it’s a different way to make a typical Italian dish that we’ve certainly had many times. let’s do it! Write down all the ingredients and follow this recipe step-by-step to leave your guests mouth-opening.

Lasagna SoupLasagna Soup
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Authentic and delicious

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How to make lasagna soup?

Cooking expert content creator, Bailey Rattigan, inspired us with this recipe, and we can find many others on her social media profiles, such as Pumpkin Sausage Pasta , Beef Fried Rice , Teriyaki Chicken Bowl , and “Crispy Chicken” Tacos , as well Many other recipes that will make your mouth water when you see them. look!we bring you Ingredient list do one thing Lasagna Soup delicious.

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