This is Jurgen Damm celebrating in Cristiano Ronaldo style during St Louis’ match against Leon

Jurgen Damme celebrates goal in Cristiano Ronaldo style (Twitter/@LigaBBVAMX)

here we go play Opening in 2023 Mexican Football League Determine the next two clubs that will compete in the championship group. athletics louis louis and lion They are the first to start the elimination and therefore the first protagonists of the annotation.

Before halftime, Jurgen Damm He scored the club’s second goal to give Potosi the advantage, but what delighted the fans the most was celebration The midfielder celebrated the goal with these words Score 2 – 1 temporary.

went 26th minute At the end of the game, Damn Rascon earned applause from the public, but he also elicited reactions from the entire Potosi forum for imitating Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebrations and iconic phrase “Yeah!”

Goal-scoring action begins in midfield, when Dieter Villalpando He received the ball and started running towards Rodolfo Cota’s goal, together with Jurgen Damm. A few meters into the six-yard box, Villalpando passed the ball to the former America player from the right.

The midfielder’s screams shocked the stadium during the first Liga MX qualifying match (Image: @LigaBBVAMX/@OutOfContextAme)

As soon as Jurgen touched the ball, he stopped his run and tried to get closer to the center of the six-yard box, outsmarting two Leon defenders. He held on until the very end until he found space and fired with his left foot.

The effect of the ball meant that Cota was unable to stop the scoreline, and St. Louis’ second goal fell into the net, with Jurgen running to the right corner to celebrate gracefully. CR7. He jumped and turned around, stretching his arms behind him. He shouted “Siuu!”

But the 31-year-old’s cries did not go unnoticed by the public, as the entire stadium forum Alfonso Lastras Stadium Ramirez also echoed the Portuguese’s words, so Jurgen Dam’s goal shocked Atlético de San Luis.

The celebrations did not diminish as with this goal – which helped his side secure their place in the league – he broke his scoring streak. 5 years Didn’t score against his team.The last time he scored in the Mexican Primera Division was in end of 2018 He hasn’t scored with the Tigers since.

Jürgen Damm breaks five-year run without scoring (Twitter/@LigaBBVAMX)

It should be remembered that with USA He even scored a goal on the pitch and celebrated it the same way. Aztec Stadium; However, the goal was disallowed for offside and the celebration was met with ridicule and irritation from American fans as it was a good play but ineffective.

In the end, Potosi won the first place in the qualifying group with a score of 3-2.An energetic game that left fans with a pleasant feeling as Gustavo Leal’s side face striped from monterey in the quarterfinals.

Starting from the 3rd minute of the game, Potosinos showed great power and caused defensive mistakes. green belly ExcellentWilliam Tesillo scores an own goal. From that moment on, the game went back and forth, with goals falling frequently.

But Jose Alvaro tried to save the team in the 10th minute, 1-1, and then Jurgen Damm scored and the game went into halftime. In stoppage time, Sébastien Salles-Lamonge scored 3 – 1, which had already given his team a passing chance, with the last goal coming from Fedeli Federico Viñas scored.

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