This is Max Cabezón arriving at “Tierra Brava”

The chef will join the Green Team after Azat Mavis was recently eliminated from the Brava Land lockup.

In today’s chapter “Brave Land”, An unforgettable second place finish in MasterChef 2015, Max CabezonBecome a new member of the reality show and join the 15 contestants left after last Thursday’s elimination of Azat Arias.

Former MasterChef contestants arrive in a little magic showwhat is his contribution? surprise his new colleagues and competitors exist “Brave Land”.

one of the most important moments nervous this is about Luis Mateucci, who showed his The arrival of Max Cabezón aroused jealousy.

Are you sure that’s the required participant?” he asked sarcastically. trans diazepamWhat Pamela Diaz out to his defend Quickly.

(Interactive) Tierra Brava: Vote for your favorite participant here

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(Interactive) Tierra Brava: Vote for your favorite participant here

Max Cabezón in “La Brava”

Max Cabezon By the time he reaches Bull, his appearance has completely changed, leaving behind the youthful hippie look we saw years ago. “I’m a super impulsive person, a friend told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to dye it, and I said ok. Hair is a reflection of my life today because I’m relaxed, I don’t marry anything, and I’m open to opportunities. That’s why I don’t have a partner or a pet,” he said.

It was because of this freedom that he agreed to participate in a Channel 13 reality show and experience confinement for the first time. “I find it a luxury to be able to go offline for a few months; Putting my phone aside and stopping time so I could focus on the game, the games, getting out for air and chopping wood,” he recalls.

To the above he added “cI think this challenge is much bigger than MasterChef, because let’s not talk about my passion anymore, which is cooking. I think when you step outside your comfort zone you bring out the best in you, and that’s exactly what I did. “

How to watch new episodes of “Tierra Brava” live?

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