This is not Marvel! Action movie with Zoe Saldana on Netflix


Zoe Saldaña shows she has what it takes to shine in the action genre by starring in a Marvel film. ¡Unmissable!

Zoe Saldanha
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Zoe Saldanha They gained a lot of popularity with their Gamora paper. Marvel Cinematic Universe where does the predominant role come from? Infinity Saga because her character was the beloved daughter of Thanos, the villain of the story. Today we recommend an action movie with this actress directed by Olivier Megaton based on the books by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen.

The title we are referring to is Venganza Despiadada and let’s decide that we do not have the best reception among specialists involved in Rotten Tomatoes They only gave her 27% approval, but that changes when we talk to the public, who in over 100,000 reviews give her a maximum of 67%. You’ll want to decide whether you’re right about this aspect or not when you’re on the road. Netflix.

Summary of the film “Venganza Despiadada”:

“A young girl grows up to be a little girl after visiting her father’s little girl when she was a little girl in Bogota. He works as a hitman by day, but devotes his personal time to participating in the asesinatos, who hope to achieve their ultimate goal: the mafioso responsible for the death of his fathers.”.

Trailer “Unexpected Venganza”:

Here in Venganza Despiadada:

Venganza Despiadada has a department with the most interesting names, starring Zoe Saldaña as Cataleya, Michael Vartan as Danny Delaney, Callum Blue as Richard, Jordi Molla as Marco, Lennie James as Ross, Amandla Stenberg as Cataleia de Niña, Cliff Curtis as Emilio Restrepo and Beto Benitez as Don Luis and others.

The film is available online Netflix This is a unique opportunity to express yourself Zoe Saldanha like an action heroine. The paper is pleasant to the touch and can be used both as a place of temptation and as a real joke for those who cross it along the way. The actress starts off the scene with a dynamic beat in each of her roles that is sure to leave you with your mouth open.

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