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Even though the eyes are one of the most important organs in the body, people often don’t give them the care they need.In this sense, protecting them and This includes using sunglasses and other elements We will discuss in this article; Because vision is prone to different diseases and prevention and treatment of these diseases is a top priority, these diseases include conjunctivitis or blepharitis, as well as other long-term diseases such as cancer.

eye drops

These represent an effective way to treat, for example, irritation and dry eye, to name a few.In turn, it is It is necessary to go to them to solve these situations that are very common among the population..

However, it should be added that if you are not using sunglasses to protect your vision from ultraviolet damage, you can use eye drops to solve the above problems, or contact lenses, Other vision changes may occurFor example, if you have chronic dry eyes, the appearance or worsening of myopia, corneal ulcers or even complete blindness, be careful!

Let me introduce it to you below Helpful tips for improving vision health:

5 tips for healthy eyes

1. Wear sunglasses

UV rays are deadly to eye health, so sunglasses should not be considered just a fashion accessory; brilliantly They are completely necessary to take care of your eyes. In this sense, it is recommended to wear them all year round, not just in the summer.

Exposure to sunlight can damage vision, cause burns, and lead to the development of cataracts, which can be avoided by wearing sunglasses.

2. Use eye drops

In addition to insufficient or poor-quality tear production, factors such as wind and computer screens can also cause dry eyes, which can be a cause of injury in addition to discomfort.

There are eye drops Recommended to combat dry eye syndrome as well as redness and irritation caused by allergies.

3. Use contact lenses

If vision impairment occurs, contact lenses are recommended; since they are more comfortable than glasses, they serve the same purpose and are practical.

At the same time, it is important Maintain good hygiene habits When wearing contact lenses, it is therefore important to wash your hands thoroughly before putting them on or taking them off, and follow all recommendations to clean them properly and replace them when necessary.

4. Pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep

Work and study require concentration, and staring at a screen or any other element may cause people to forget to blink frequently, thus straining their eyes.

In this sense, experts recommend Don’t use your device for at least four hours a day. It is also recommended to gently cover your eyes with your hands from time to time while relaxing your eyelids. Also, always try to read in good light, preferably natural light.

Another basic point of resting your eyes is getting a good night’s sleep. There’s a phenomenon called “eye stress,” which occurs when you work with your eyes for long periods of time, and it can lead to a variety of eye ailments. For this reason, it is recommended to ensure adequate sleep, preferably 8 hours a day. and reduce eye strain.

5. Regular inspection

Don’t be satisfied with the fact that you always read well or seem to have no difficulty; because the eyes need to be checked frequently, not only to correct existing problems, but also to prevent new discomforts from arising.. Maintain good eye health by seeing a specialist and getting your vision checked regularly.

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