“This is the greatest and most sacred thing life has given me”

Benjamín Vicuña with his five children

Benjamín Vicuña with his five children – Photo credit: @instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

Benjamín Vicuña is a proud father who has no doubtsWhenever possible, he expresses this publicly through social media. For every birthday, anniversary or special occasion, he sends a tender message to his heirs.

On Monday afternoon, the actor shared a photo of himself with his five children and opened up about his love for them. “Yes, there are many of us. This is the greatest and most sacred thing that life has given me, and of course I have come to learn. I love my family, there are football goblins, engineers, witty vibrato players, little twill Cotton pants and freestyle teens. Thank you life for giving me so much love,” he wrote on Instagram.

in the photo you can see He has three sons, Bautista, 15, Beltran, 11, and Benicio, 8, by Pampita Ardohain. they too His two children in love with Eugenia “China” Suarez (Mulan, 5) and Amancio, 3.

Vicuña was also the father of Blanca, who died on September 8, 2012 at the Las Condes clinic in Santiago, Chile, at the age of six. hemorrhagic pneumoniawas the product of an infection that left her in intensive care for nine days.Earlier this year, the Chilean actor published a book titled Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly, He tries to be there for those going through loss. Plus, he recounts the first time he knew this. He will never see his first daughter again.

“I see Blanca. I see it a lot with my kids, with my five kids. I listen to her. His laugh is with us. She’s always there, no matter It’s the simple ritual of lighting a candle in memory,” he said in an interview with LA NACION at the time.

In an interview a few days ago, Mulan showed a tender moment when she asked her father how her sister was doing. “Dad, does Blanca look like me?”That’s the question that surprised Vicuña from a girl who was interrupted during a recent live broadcast with Chilean media reporter Martín Cárcamo. from you to you”blanca just like you“, the protagonist points out alternative therapyI can see that I am very excited.

A few days after that episode, the Chilean actor and Catherine Dugley in hold on catalina (La Once Diez-Radio Ciudad) and highlighted How he handles the deaths of Blanca and his children.Today, we talk about Blanca with my kids as if she were with us.’, he pointed out.

with a smileat the dinner table about how he poured ketchup over the potatoes, he poured more than Barty… and We take it with love and sweetness. I will continue to do so because remembering with care and love, not pain, means people don’t leave and don’t die,” he added. Vicuña also spoke about the process of accepting her daughter’s death: “More than ten years have passed, and I have reached the stage where I can remember her in that place. That’s how Mulan lives, with sweetness and love, not nostalgia.”

The actor later recalled that the little girl he is curious about his sister. “ask me:’What’s up with him? Where is he? because?. And, over and over again. I tried to use my tools and the tools that the psychologist gave me at the time, to try to come up with the best answer for their safety. But there’s something in that note that moved me“, he talked about Mulan’s involvement in the interview.

The oldest of the boys, Bautista, also tends to remember his sister. Some time ago, on the 10th anniversary of the little girl’s departure, she posted a carousel of photos of the two together on her Instagram account. “My Big Sister”Once he mentioned Blanca publicly, he wrote it next to an emoji of a white dove.

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