This is what happened on TV: the alleged romance between Tinelli and Milett, the LLA legislators who opposed the Macri-Milei agreement and Lanata resumed

November 6 TV Summary

Marcelo Tinelli welcome Millet Figueroa to his children and the beginning of this new so-called romance, while Jorge Lanata He recovered from pneumonia and returned to broadcasting and Javier Mire Confronting MPs from his own party who disagree with the new alliance he has forged with him Mauricio Macri.

Only 12 days left President election With Argentina’s president confirmed, tensions will rise, not just between the different parties pitted against each other, but also within the coalition.

that’s what it’s about freedom and progressAccording to reports, yesterday C5N13 party representatives publicly expressed “dissatisfaction” with the agreement reached by the leader and some people Change together and his concerns about his eventual position in government.

One of the slogans of the liberal presidential candidate was “A different Argentina cannot be different from the same old Argentina” and lawmakers protested against “the interference of different people in this plan in response to Mauricio Macri”.

the climate that exists USA After the intersection of Walker Street and Cortlandt Lane in metropolis New York Officially renamed “Charlie Garcia Corner”.

This change is the result of an initiative led by Mariano Cabrerais a new york based argentine actor and director who has received Argentinian Consulate.

Journalist Jorge Lanata continues his involvement in the entertainment world, returning to the front desk of his daily radio show following a hospitalization. Favaloro Foundation After suffering from pneumonia.

“I got pneumonia, so I was hospitalized for a few days, but luckily it passed. It was nothing serious,” he explained mit radiobefore that Eduardo Feynman “They found the bacteria, killed it with antibiotics and it was all over,” he clarified. It was there that his interlocutor agreed with him, saying: “I took the last antibiotic yesterday , so here I am,” they then continued with their daily message.

Jorge Lanata returns to his radio show

Marcelo Tinelli’s rumors are getting stronger with Peruvian model Milett Figueroa, who has fascinated him since she first appeared on the show “Dancing 2023”She was just one step away from having her words confirmed on the track.

“He’s a very interesting and engaging guy. When asked about it, he admitted: ‘I love it. ” Angel DeBritoand Marcelo laughed awkwardly.

And, quite surprisingly, Tinelli invited him to his daughter’s birthday. Candelaria (Tinelli)who celebrated the day in the restaurant Gardner next to his brother Michaela Tinelli and Francesco Tinelliher fianc√© Kody Sorokin, Luciano El Thiristylist Leo Reva and his father.

However, not everyone in showbiz had a great love moment, as this couple Polish and Bobby Schilenz “In crisis,” according to what the singer revealed on the show Lunch with Juana (El Trece).

A few hours after her confession, the dancer came out to respond and tried to explain why her daughter’s father had made this decision: “We work on family projects together and now I don’t know what’s going on in his head. Maybe you want to be single, Want to be with other people, a lot of things are going to happen to you, I understand, and maybe you’re bored. But for that last conversation with me, first, let him know, or maybe he’s afraid of making the decision we’re going to make, “He’s talking to Invaders (USA).

Bobby Silenz and El Pollaco

Another news on all communication portals is the attack that took place in six apartments located in a building. Nunez this is totally robbed.

It is reported C5N The front door of the building was not pried open, so it is suspected that someone entered through the said entrance.

“It pains me that they robbed me like this. They stole my life savings,” one victim said in the conversation. total nitrogen.

Ending a video that went viral on the internet Tik stars a naughty dog dachshundKnown as “Sausage,” he started rolling on the cement of a sidewalk that was under construction, prompting scores of likes, comments and laughs.

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