This is your new life in Saudi Arabia

December 2022. A month that was originally considered a dream ended in a nightmare. everything cristiano ronaldo The plan in my head finally fell apart. The World Cup in Qatar was probably the worst moment of his career..

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I don’t chase records, records chase me”

For very different reasons: because of the connection with the national team, because This is the first time Portuguese fans have publicly criticized him because i’m looking for Leaving Manchester United for a “top” club in Europe… But he didn’t understand.

Cristiano succumbed to psychological pressure for the first time.He doubted a lot of things, including whether to stay with the Selecao, but the Portuguese managed to do it Come out stronger from one of the worst moments of your athletic career.

Cristiano Ronaldo throws poison dart: ‘Arab champions are better than Americans’

The most “humane” Christian

The former Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus player has been “humanized” by his family. After the World Cup, he admitted many times, When you’re at your peak, you don’t know reality. Now he seems happier and enjoying life without stress or pain.

His signing with Al Nasr gave him what he needed: to play football for pleasure and be able to be happy again at some point in his career His characteristics on the court are no longer the same as they were 10 years ago.. Some things don’t change: He continues to give it his all, his fitness still responds, and he doesn’t lose sight of his goal.

Cristiano plays paddle tennis in Singapore and sends message: ‘My motivation is to play ball’

“This is another person”

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those who rarely attends press conferences. He avoids contact with the media. Everything has changed: now he speaks in every center in Portugal, It can be used in mixed areas and He is media friendly.

His recent circumstances suggest that he is a different person. He’s very close to everyone, on the court, He has become a role model for people to follow. CR7 understands that the game doesn’t always have to be run through him. He’s there to help and do what he does best: score goals.

This is how Cristiano won his first title

Cristiano has scored in almost four of the five games played. The former Real Madrid player is experiencing new feelings Countries I’ve never been to, like Iranwhere he was received by heads of state for the Asian Championships.

Cristiano Ronaldo stirs up madness on the streets of Iran.

Thousands of fans followed in his footsteps and took buses from the airport to the hotel. In fact, he had to go to the window at night and ask them to stop partying because he needed some rest. He also showed his most human and loving side: He privately hosted a child and a disabled artist.

“I love you even if I can’t see you”, a blind girl’s emotional words when she met Cristiano Ronaldo

Have fun

Now CR7 continues to enjoy, without so much pressure, closer to the people. This is the best result he has achieved in his 20-year career.feels good and He just wants to move on and not think about the distant future. His main goal is to reach 100% at Euro 2024, but those of us who follow him closely know that He is watching the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico out of the corner of his eye.

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