“This region is a national treasure”

Rappers are beautiful people. P Diddy’s two million dollar 2003 New York City Marathon sponsorship to help build city schools, Jay Z’s one million check to the American Red Cross to help people on their knees after the hurricane. Katrina, are examples of the social consciousness that American hip hop often recalls. Attention to the world that revolves around the not always in focus of the urban Italian, lost behind watches, cars, dolls and cocaine, invades texts that are not always epochal.

And yet, the unity of purpose set yesterday at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari racecourse in Imola by Summer Sound, a benefit concert in favor of the flooded Romagna, performed for seven hours by underground heroes such as Sphere Ebbast, Luce, Shiva, Geolier, Massimo Garanzia, with the support of our newspaper, tried to shuffle the cards on the table, giving life to the first festival in which hip-hop from our home unleashed all the energy of public consciousness and the impact of solidarity that it is capable of. In front of twelve thousand people.

“Those who have not gone through this may not understand the difficulties and what it means to lose everything overnight,” says Luce. “We were there, if only to give a moment of joy and carelessness to everyone present at the concert. We need to start anew with normality, with what makes us feel good, slowly rebuild a new daily life. … Pain cannot be erased overnight, but music can distract us for a while.”

At the first stage a dozen artistsfamous and lesser known, with sets ranging from twenty to seventy minutes, including El A, Grace, Axel Tony Boysome sort of intruder setu and his proto-punk charge (proudly the latest in Sanremo with his “Cause perse”) or Big Mama (Also spotted at the 2023 festival visiting Elodie for a co-op night). For perseverance, talent and lightness – one of the winners of the evening in Imola. “I started making music to reach out to people so I could be present today and still make my small contribution to something that was so much bigger than me,” explained the Avellino rapper, née Marianna Mammon, an icon of the “positive bodies.” like the one Lizzo wears with a print on her shirt. “I had to force myself to realize what I was worth and the only way to do that was to write, then luck wanted my words to start helping other people as well. In this case, I wanted to bring results in the last harvest, but also joy, to testify that music is always there.”

A marathon not immune to mistakes, such as Tony Boy, who invited twelve thousand people to enjoy a “special day” (okay, bravo) and then crashed, explaining that the specialty was “…my brother’s birthday Digital Astro “. . With all due respect to good intentions and solidarity. “Giving something, doing something for others fills you up, makes you more willing to look in the mirror” puts a patch on it geolier. “I trot upside down all over the boot, sometimes not even realizing where I am, from north to south. Today, I think we all know where we are and why: Romagna is a national treasure and we are proud to give away the proceeds of this concert to the people who have been hurt.”

star freebut the workers paid full price, as they should. A bit like what happened at the same time, fifty kilometers from the Imola Racecourse on a noisy night. “Rockin 1000” in the stands of the Cesena Stadium, another pro-Romagna event that, by combination of dates, rivals “Summer Sound”, the first rap festival of the season, which announces similar blockbusters like Marrageddon’s Marrakash, on the calendar at the end of summer in September in Milan and Agnano.

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