This taboo skin disease eventually leads to isolation from the world

Is a epidemic, Although very few people talk about it.Hidradenitis suppurativa (or hidradenitis), commonly known as ‘acne inverse’, include Formation of a small, painful lump especially under the skin Where there are wrinkles, The same is true for the armpits, buttocks, breasts, and genital area.It is not a minority disease as it affects 1% of the population: Some 75,000 Catalans All in all, some people suffer from this 474,000 Spaniards, About.

Parc Taulí conducts multidisciplinary consultations to treat this arthritis-related disease

Hidradenitis suppurativa is one of the Dermatological diseases That More shame caused to patients.Now, one multidisciplinary consultation Parc Taulí Hospital (Sabader) is a pioneer in Spain that specializes in pathology related to another disease: arthritis of the spine, A type of arthritis. “In this query two experts “We treat multiple conditions in the same person,” dermatologist explains Patricia Garbaio and rheumatologists Mireya Moreno. “So far, there has been no multidisciplinary approach Hidradenitis Suppurativa”. The goal is to achieve Early diagnosis for Avoid consequences for patients and control these two diseases so that they have Good personal and professional life.

‘Acne Reversal’ and Spondyloarthritis Are two different diseases, but connect. Therefore, patients with spondyloarthritis Increased risk of hidradenitis, vice versa.Doctors suspect, but have not yet confirmed, that this is because patients with both diseases they have a Similar profiles: they are usually Male, smoker, 25 to 45 years old. “There are still A lot of unknowns,” The doctor pointed out. Treatments for both diseases (both are autoimmune diseases) They also tend to agree There are even drug Serves both.

What are the symptoms?

this hidradenitis suppurativa or “acne inverse” is Inflammation and chronic disease the skin in which they appear Nodules that erupt repeatedly, Abscesses and fistulas develop pain and/or itching, suppuration and Stink, Especially in folding areas, e.g. armpits, groin, buttocks, or genitals. “It’s the same as psoriasis, But this has already happened unnoticed by shame of patients because it affects all areas of the body with wrinkles.yes Like wild acne,” Dr. Gabayo warned. “yes outbursts of pain, It oozes, smells, and causes people isolation. We take in a lot of families because there is a genetic component to it,” he added.

Overview of hidradenitis suppurativa patients among smoking men aged 25 to 45 years old

As the Association of Sufferers of Hidradenitis (ASENDHI) warns, this is not a rare disease, but it is Underdiagnosis Because the initial lesions and clinical symptoms are often looks like other diseases (Misdiagnosis of recurrent boils or “boils” is common.) Doctors often They don’t know about this disease They confuse signs and symptoms Misdiagnosis. this is a disease “Very insulting” Dr. Tauli insists.

Additionally, as Dr. Moreno points out, many patients with hidradenitis eventually develop “Rheumatism problem.” That’s why Sabadell Hospital’s interdisciplinary consultation seeks Solve different aspects of problems patient’s “a visit”, Among other things, reduce the number of trips to the this case arthritis of the spine, It is a disease that affects the body spine However area of ​​the patient’s pelvis. “It has a very typical pain that wakes you up in the morning,” Moreno said.Neither of these diseases exist recovery, but they can chronicle and controlled with good medications.Therefore, the importance Early diagnosis.

patient referral

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Since the opening of this multidisciplinary unit in Parc Taulí, 33 people have been referred. Doctors believe that in the next few months New patient cases will be identified that could be benefit Such specialized care. “This joint consultation will improve health care These highly complex patients, and Early diagnosis and his Quality of Life”, Doctor guarantees.

Parc Taulí A reference to “early acne” throughout Catalonia. In addition, it has a unit recognized spondyloarthritis Awarded by the Spanish Association for Quality in Healthcare.Dermatologists and rheumatologists at other hospitals will determine which patients may have hidradenitis suppurativa or spondyloarthritis and They will refer them to professional advice Starting from Parc Taulí, where they will start if the diagnosis is confirmed Medical monitoring.

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