This thriller from Megan Fox, shown on Paramount, is the best film of her career.

En To deathMegan Fox, from a series that offers this and is in the right project, is able to show herself as a solid actress.

It is believed that a career Megan Fox if he resumes his service sexy chica de Transformers, this is a very misunderstanding. It is true that in some cases the filmography is not something brilliant, but there is a belt that, without a doubt, shows us great potential that can lead to a career as an actress. We are reaching out to you To death (Hasta la muerte: Survival is the best way to success), a stunning hanging strap included in the Paramount catalogue.

Death follows Megan Fox in Emma’s paper who, after a passionate night with her husband, becomes destitute and marries him. Things get worse when Mark fires a shot, causing Emma to fall on top of his corpse. Emma must rush not only to this guy, but also to the pair of horses Mark is holding to go with her.

The film was released in Sofia (Bulgaria) and was filmed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. The trip was especially difficult for Megan Fox.Instead of using a realistic pen, Fox had to grab a take for the entire trip, which lasted about a month.

Hasta la muerte tener una score 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is currently the highest-rated Megan Fox film on the site. The critic criticizes Fox’s “compromised interpretation”, who undoubtedly has to do everything in every scene to give us a realistic and deeply disturbing story.

Unfortunately, Megan Fox is considered one of them. femme fatale belts only if they are mostly focused on using their image, back and body. But in case To deathfrom the show where he is offered and in the right project, he is able to show himself as a solid, serious actress with great potential.

Fox is best able to convey the dire situation Emma finds herself in and fulfill all the physical demands of the paper. Imagine being next to a corpse for several hours while a group of people are chasing you to throw away your life. This is not something for anyone. And she rises forward very bravely, demonstrating a physical and physical fortitude that commands great respect.

The truth is that Megan Fox has always had more talent than ever to embody the image of a sex symbol.. Projects like Hasta la muerte I am muestra de ello. If you’ve ever wondered whether Megan Fox can become a real actress, watch this movie and decide for yourself.

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