This trick will save you an extra €7 when shopping on Amazon during Black Friday

When receiving our Amazon order, we can choose to have it delivered by a delivery person to any address, be it our home, workplace, etc. However, we can also use one of their collection points to collect your goods once they have been delivered. Furthermore, to encourage us to try it, Amazon gave us a discount of 7 euros.

When we talk about collection points, we mean the mailboxes scattered in shopping malls or other locations in the city, or shops, tobacconists, post offices, etc., which are responsible for storing our orders until we come to collect them. This is a great option if we are away from home for a long time.Furthermore, now we can Save €7 on orders over €20 When purchasing on Amazon using this service.

How to get 7 euros off for free on Amazon

The first thing you should know is that, unfortunately, this promotion is not for 100% of buyers, but only for those who have never used this service or have not used it for more than a year. So the first thing we have to do is make sure we qualify by clicking on this link.After registering you should see this message Good news, you can benefit from this offer. Please see terms and conditions below”. In this case, you’re lucky, we can get a discount.

Accept Amazon promotions

Next, a little further down the page we have to click on the button “Apply for Promotion” Appears in a yellow box so that the message can be displayed “App Promotion”. Once this is done we will assign the discount to our account. All that remains is to add an order worth at least €20 to your basket for one or more products sold and shipped by Amazon.

Amazon Apply for Promotion

Finally, you’ll need to click here and add the pickup point closest to where you’d like to receive your order to your address book.You can search for nearby points Enter address or postal code On the map we will see their location.Once added we just need to select ourselves before payment and you will see how to do it automatically 7 euros will be deducted of the total amount paid.

Amazon delivery point

That’s it, all that’s left is to take advantage of it in any purchase and over a period of time Until December 31, 2023so perfect for saving even more on Black Friday or Christmas purchases.

Main conditions of promotion

Amazon provides us with all terms and conditions applicable to this promotion, such as:

  • Offer limited to one order per customer per account.
  • The purchase price must be equal to or greater than 20 euros.
  • Products must be sold and shipped by Amazon. Offers from Amazon warehouses, products sold by third parties on the Marketplace or any other website accessible through are not included.
  • Offer valid from August 31 to December 31, 2023, or until the limit of 15,000 promotional points used at the time of purchase is reached.
  • Promotional points can only be used to purchase any product sold by Amazon ES on, except digital content (such as e-books and MP3s), Amazon accessories and devices, gift certificates, infant formula and toddlers, books, wrapping paper , shipping and handling charges, refurbished products, products sold by third-party sellers, or any other products and services sold on the Site.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • Taxes, shipping and other additional charges associated with purchases are not taken into account when determining the minimum amount to benefit from the promotion.

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