This video of Anna Wintour snubs Kim Kardashian in Paris Fashion causes laughter in the toilet

Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour at the Victoria Beckham Fashion Show 2024. (Paris, September 29, 2023) Abacus

Scene from the beginning of Victoria Beckham’s 2024 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Is this bad or intentional? The online collection avoids the tranche.

Fans in your heart. Anna Wintour volunteered her snobbish assessment of Kim Kardashian at Victoria Beckham’s 2024 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. The video went viral on Twitter and was actually opened by the 73-year-old editor-in-chief of Vogue, hugging her and looking at David Beckham as the TV star arrived, something to be avoided.

Twitter please, it’s not like this: Anna Wintour “hates” Kim Kadarshian. “Anna’s bodily language”; “Kim did not receive an invitation to the Met Gala”; “Est-ce qu’Anna voluntarily moved her son under siege?”, sont autant de commentaires qui déferlent sur la toilet. “Kim savait qu’il ne Fallait pas toucher Anna. Façon dont elle to Tourné tete pour éviter le contact visuel était si royale!”, speculative opinion.

Selon Page six, both women continue to wear the same hair throughout Victoria Beckham’s fashion show, and are also addressed with words just like the latest photos. For this occasion, Kim Kardashian wore a satin pink dress, decorated with a huge diamond cross, reborn on poitrine. Without her black lunettes, Anna Wintour wears a fleur-de-lis dress topped with a red coat.

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