This will allow you to read the content of deleted messages

This way you can read the contents of deleted WhatsApp messagesPixar

This happens to all of us. receive a message for WhatsApp and delete it immediately. Well, while we think there is no way to recover or read its contents, the fact is that there are applications that can recover these messages.


IThe most famous of these apps is WAMR, which is able to discover the content behind deleted messages Not only WhatsApp, but also Facebook or Telegram exploit the weaknesses of the operating systems of these platforms.

And WAMR can record user notification information and create A copy of the notice containing all information to which you have access. In addition to text, we also discuss all types of files, such as images, videos, voice notes, GIFs or stickers.

This application is It has been on the Play Store for many years and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.. Although it has some limitations as they are encrypted and you cannot directly access the messages.

limitations and dangers

In this sense, There is no way to tell if the message was deleted before it was fully downloaded its content, or if you have disabled chat notifications, you will not be able to access these messages as they will not appear as notifications.

Many deleted messages on WhatsApp can be recovered.

On the other hand, if someone sends us a message on WhatsApp and removes them from the conversation, WAMR is able to notify this event and Allow access to deleted messages without others knowing.

As we have seen, WAMR is very useful, even though the International Cyber ​​Security Institute calls it is considered a risk because to use it one must accept a large amount of permissions.

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