Thousands have already received doses

After a slow start during the epidemic of the disease, Castile and Leon’s influenza vaccination campaign reportedly accelerated this Sunday, with 4,350 people in the community having been vaccinated by the end of Sunday. Data provided by the Ministry of Health to EL ESPAÑOL of Castile and León. In addition, starting from Monday, the general public can go to health centers to get vaccinated without making an appointment.

By region, Salamanca stands out with 614 doses of vaccine administered, followed by Valladolid East (572) and Burgos (571). In Zamora, 457 people have been vaccinated, 361 in Avila, 360 in Palencia, 318 in Valladolid, 244 in Miranda de Ebro and 224 in Segovia. Among the cohort are Soria (188 doses administered), Aranda de Duero (163 doses), León (161 doses) and El Bieso (117 doses).

A vaccination campaign follows a wave of respiratory infections and the decision by the Ministry of Health last Wednesday to make the wearing of masks compulsory in health centres. However, the ministry led by Monica García has made the measure more flexible, taking into account that in communities where the curve of the cumulative incidence of the virus has fallen for two consecutive weeks, the measure will not be mandatory, but only Suggestive.

People interested in receiving a flu vaccine can do so at an authorized reference center between 10:00 and 20:00 on weekends without an appointment. On the other hand, rural people can visit the Continuing Care Counseling Center on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.

The Ministry of Health has therefore opened to the general public influenza vaccinations, during normal hours from Monday to Friday, in all health centers in the cities and villages of Castile and León, without risk factors and without prior appointment Possibility of vaccine.

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