Three basic items to make you look 10 years younger, versatile and versatile

They are a wardrobe staple that are versatile, timeless and rejuvenating.

Age is just a number shown on the DNI. A TikToker who knows that 40 is the new 30 and these are the new 20 is going viral after showing off the items in her wardrobe that make her look 10 years younger. When choosing basic wardrobe pieces, the way you combine them is key to the process. The best part is, you probably own these types of pieces and can create the same invigorating look.

Three pieces of clothing that make us look 10 years younger

We have said many times that fashion is for everyone and one design can suit everyone, from a 20-year-old girl to a woman over 50 years old. With these premises, this Tiktoker made a guide to the clothes in her wardrobe and the clothes they make. You look much younger. the best? They are basic pieces that we definitely have in our wardrobe.


This is one of the basic pieces of every wardrobe. Jeans are a staple for many street stylists, and it’s common to have them in an almost infinite range of different cuts. Knowing that less is more, straight-leg, slightly higher-waisted jeans will liven up our look.

Jenna Lyon is the expert when it comes to this (we’ve always loved her outfits no matter how many years have passed).

Basic white sneakers

Once again we’re faced with wardrobe staples. Basic white sneakers never go out of style, they never get tired of them and they never leave us. With the sole premise that “less is more”, designs like adidas Originals’ Stan Smith or Nike’s Air Force 1 are perfect for adding to our everyday style.

mini printed clothing

Outfits with mini prints like “Liberty” will shave years off our final look. In the form of a dress or shirt, this contrasting mini print is youthful and suitable for all ages.

Beauty Tips That Make Us Look 10 Years Younger

In the video, the girl also talks about her personal beauty secrets that make her look 10 years younger than her actual age. He guarantees that having a clean, natural face and curls will rejuvenate your appearance. Wearing heavy makeup and neatly straight hair can make our faces look older.

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