Three days of national mourning for Karakos wedding tragedy

Today’s news: Pro-Russian oligarch and “philanthropist” Ruben Vardanyan is arrested, and more than 50,000 Armenians flee Nagorno-Karabakh. Singapore ranks fifth in the world in the Global Innovation Index, rising two places. More than 56,000 schools in Pakistan’s Punjab province have been closed due to escalating cases of conjunctivitis. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wants a submarine fleet.


From Riyadh to Lebanon, via Russia and the United States, there are mourn Agree that a “massacre” occurred at a Christian wedding in Qaraqosh. A fire in a lobby caused by fireworks killed at least 115 people and injured more than 500 people.Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani announced a three-day National condolences, and the funerals of the victims were held at the same time.survivor they chat Hellish temperatures, lack of safety doors and many injured suffered severe burns.

Armenia – Azerbaijan

Former Nagorno-Karabakh State Minister Ruben Vardanyan, a pro-Russian oligarch and “philanthropist”, was killed by Azerbaijani soldiers at the Lachin border post while trying to travel to the Armenian city of Goris detention. He was transferred to Baku by Azerbaijan’s direct response forces and handed over to “state institutions” to decide his fate.Meanwhile, more than 50,000 Armenians run away The enclave’s original population was 120,000.


Singapore moves up two spots to fifth in the rankings Global Innovation Index (Gii), the first country in the Southeast, East Asia and Oceania (SEAo) region. The ranking examines the most innovative economies across 80 indicators to monitor trends and progress in 132 economies around the world. Singapore continues to lead in 11 of the 80 indicators, including government efficiency, access to information and communications technology and venture capital.


More than 56,000 schools will remain closed for the rest of the week in a bid to stop an escalation of coronavirus cases. conjunctivitis, at least 357,000 since the beginning of the year. Millions of students will stay at home after Pakistan’s most populous province, Punjab, announced a complete shutdown. The Ministry of Education explained that the regulation is intended to “protect” people.

Tibet – China

Chinese authorities detained Tibetan Cicheng from Qaluma Township, Qingzhou County, Aba Prefecture for the second time for carrying a photo Dalai Lama (Beijing considers this an act of “separatism”). The arrest dates back to February, followed by preventive detention until April, when he was eventually sentenced to two years in prison.

North Korea

envy of foreign powers submarine, Kim Jong Un ordered all citizens of diplomatic missions abroad to “donate” $100 to a fund for the construction of “next generation” submarines and warships. It was the first plan implemented by the North Korean dictator after returning from a visit to military facilities in Russia. At the same time, he approved a constitutional amendment to strengthen his ambitions. nuclear force.


Moscow is seeking to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council to prevent it from becoming “a tool serving the political goals of certain countries.” A year and a half ago, Russia was excluded from the United Nations Human Rights Council following its invasion of Ukraine. He is currently proposing to provide food and weapons to the poorest members to gain support for the October 10 vote.


The Tashkent Ministry of Industry and Trade signed an agreement with the Chinese company BYD 26 to jointly produce electric and hybrid vehicles in Uzbekistan through Uzavtosanoat. The first-phase production capacity is 50,000 vehicles, and when fully loaded, the annual output will reach 300,000 vehicles, making it a leader in the overseas electric vehicle field.

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