Throat, nose and ear consultations increase at school hospitals due to wet weather

August 29, 2023 – 12:09pm

“Dr. Ramón Madariaga” from Agudos Hospital reports on the functioning of the ENT services, the conditions they treat and the most frequent consultations.

In this sense, Valeria Robledo, an otolaryngologist at the above-mentioned service, explains: “It is a specialty that deals with all parts of the nose, throat and ears. Therefore, covering these areas All pathology or patient inquiries can be dealt with here. All inquiries we receive in the area include important things, not just breathing, but also some of the senses.”

In the same line, the professional elaborates on the most common ailments of the nose, ears and throat: “When we talk about the part of the nose, we talk about the breath. We also have smells. So when we talk about the nose, inflammatory and allergic processes often affect breathing and lead to patient visits.” The professional clarified that these processes are related to the area where we live, which is located in the north of the country and has a particularly humid climate .. He continues: “In addition to allergic inflammatory processes, we also accept patients with sinusitis, obstructive lesions of neoplastic and pseudotumor origin or trauma, and anatomically altered nasal septum or facial masses.” It should be noted that , many of these conditions cause air blockages that prevent odor molecules from reaching the olfactory bulbs.

In terms of the extent of the ear and auditory system, they are divided into three parts: outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. On this, Dr. Robledo comments: “In the outer ear, what we usually see is a wax plug or infection that may develop in the ear canal. The middle ear is separated by a small membrane, which is the tympanic membrane; there are the ossicles. Here There has to be air for sound to travel. If the infectious inflammatory pathology produces mucus retention in the infected ear, we have acute otitis media, where we treat it, and perform a foreign body extraction. The inner ear is the organ of hearing and is the central nervous system The structure of the part of the system; next to the cochlea, there is a balance device, which is why symptoms such as vertigo can also be treated here.”

Regarding the larynx, the professional emphasizes: “The larynx is the organ that allows us to breathe, speak and swallow; we see disorders related to changes in swallowing. gastroenterology (because it’s close to the digestive system) together.”

The specialist at Hospital Escuela, which treats patients over 15 years of age, provides details on the most common conditions: “We receive consultations about inflammatory painful changes or discomfort in facial masses, pain due to changes in bites in the ears. This condition is common in all ages and is closely related to stress and lifestyle. In this case we also manage contact with the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery area for treatment. The patient presents with ear pain but is actually Jaw joint dysfunction; we do the research and then make the referral. Presbycusis (hearing loss due to age) is also common in adults.”

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