Throw away your old jeans, make slippers out of them: here’s a quick and easy process

There is a process that will change the lives of millions of people: it is an eco-friendly and brilliant way to reuse old jeans.

Present tense now we have to come to terms with reality which is nothing short of dramatic. In fact, we must pay special attention to what we produce and what we consume. In fact, we have only one home, this small planet that revolves around the sun, and we must definitely do our best to keep it as clean as possible. Because otherwise it means that we will no longer have a home.

In this sense, more and more people are showing interest in finding new ways to recycle and recover materials. We must reduce our impact on the planet in every possible way and try to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible on the environment. Only by making difficult and wise decisions today can we think we have a future.

How to use old jeans for legs

Obviously the first step is to try buy as little as possible and choose only those products that really sustainable and green. Therefore, avoid increasing demand for plastic and other non-recyclable materials by favoring products made from organic and possibly recycled materials. And then, obviously, it’s important to recycle everything you can so as not to create waste. Your old jeans broken and no longer fit, do not throw them in the trash, but restore them as we are going to explain to you.

What to do to create eco-friendly jeans slippers –

Take your old jeans or the ones that no longer fit wash it and dry it well. Once this is done, grab a pair of slippers with your number on them and start tracing the edges of all sides and all corners on the paper. In this moment place the paper template on the leg of the jeans. When finished, plot with washable marker edges and start trimming.

Put feet in jeans pockets and make sure it’s there enough fabric to be comfortable. At this point, cut out the pockets, place them on the fabric template, and outline the outline so that it fits perfectly with your foot. Bought slippers for stuffing eva rubberwhich is very cheap and easy to cut.

Now that you’ve cut and stuffed, all you need to do is sew all the individual pieces together. We advise you turn jeans inside out at the bottom, which, being rougher, will also act as an anti-slip coating. Use your sewing machine and, zigzag, continue close all.

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