Thursday August 3, 2023

Today we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about biohacking and why you need to go get one, and why isn’t money enough?

All About Biohacking

Do they get sick from everything? Well, it turns out there are ways to avoid it, which is why we explain biohaking.

For all those who lack motivation or focus, or even gastrointestinal issues, or are overweight and tired of not being able to fix it, Ceci de los Rios offers us another option for solving problems they may not have considered: biohacking, or hacking into our bodies.

When and where is Gato Festival 2023?

For all you cat-loving account holders, Gato Festival is coming up and we’ll tell you all about it.

Here comes Nancy Villar. The founder of Gato Fest told us everything you’ll have this year, so keep writing, account holders.

bacterial gastroenteritis

We’ll explain what bacterial gastroenteritis is, how it affects our health, and what needs to be improved.

You don’t know, account holders, I’ve had some days of hell, all because I’ve brought in some of the bacteria that’s rampant this season: E. coli, Scalaella, Clostridium difficile…and For those of you with a broken stomach, I’ve brought in our lead infection specialist to explain to us what bacterial gastroenteritis is all about. This is in food, water, surfaces, our hands!

Why doesn’t it reach us like it used to?

We’ll use apples and pears to explain what inflation is all about and how it affects us.

Account holders, we have discussed in recent weeks: if the 500 pesos I take to the supermarket is no longer enough for me, if the dollar is expensive, it is cheap, convenient for some, not for others inconvenient. as not to get more entangled Economist and analyst Valeria Moy comes to clear up all our doubts and understand what is happening with inflation.

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