Tidy up your hair, but with glamour.

Sanihelp.it – What are you thinking about? Summer also suggests a loose hair trend. But bunches and fluttering threads are not so practical. Not to mention the heat, which is supposed to keep anything that might make you sweaty at bay. Here is what is on the sea, in the mountains, as well as in the city for those who have already returned and are about to return to work, all the accessories that put things in order in castles with glamor will come in handy.

In fact, fashion suggests abandoning formal rigor, but not order: and accessories serve this purpose, as well as give a glamorous touch to everything. And that’s when clips and bows, headbands and bandages come out of the box. Barrettes, whether in the most chic version embellished with Lolita effect beads and rhinestones, or trendy with slogans and logos, are perfect for a bun haircut to hold it in place and not flutter. It is important that they do not pull out the hair, which can eventually break.

Green light also for headbands of all shapes, colored, center-knot or renaissance rounded, as well as bands that are reminiscent of the 80s.. And romantics can’t forget the flowers, which are perfect for personalizing the harvest. Also in fashion are bows, more or less large, made of ribbon or silk, very bright or solid: they always give a pastoral and carefree touch, ideal for summer hairstyles. And if this trend was already strong, Barbie, the movie about the most beloved doll of all time, did nothing but reinforce this trend, which is also loved by famous names, from Nicola Peltz to Hailey Bieber, from Miriam Leone to Sadie Sink.

But how do you use cereal? To tie a classic ponytail, a ponytail that is never tied and has its best season in summer. With bows, you can also tie braids, but you can also tie small bows here and there on the bob to make it even more glamorous, for example, for an evening occasion. Finally, a long velvet ribbon can elegantly tighten the soft crop.

Finally, for those who love practicality, don’t forget hair ties, colorful scrunchies in fabric or velvet in a perfect 90s revival. Hairspray can also help hold your hair in place, but be careful to spray it before you put on your accessories or after your hair is done, but only on the “loose” parts.

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