TikTok Viral | Woman Uses Used Diapers and Urine to Clean Her Face

One TikTok user used a used diaper to clean her face and other users were hallucinatingTik Tok

Tik TokThis store offers just about anything you can imagine.One of the star content and facial care anyone cosmetic.TikTok users share tips or products for glowing skin, but one woman took it a step further and left surprised user of social networks.


A TikToker shared a video in which Use a used diaper to clean his face, certainly a beauty trick that’s at least astonishing. “When you have urine in your diaper, wipe your face,” he advised others in the community.

Depending on your criteria or your own experience, urine in diapers can help minimize the staining that many people experience on certain areas of the face:”You won’t leave any stain If you get more of a lead, it’s in front of you,” he said.

There’s certainly something questionable about this beauty trick, which she learned from her mother. The user who calls herself “Susana Niño” on TikTok shared the video and invited those watching it to question whether they would put it into practice: “Tips from my mom. Have you heard this before?” They do arrive? “He flew into the air.

As expected, despite the user having only 4,600 followers on the social network, the video quickly went viral, attracting thousands of comments within a few hours. On the other hand, more than 3,000 users have saved, with a total of 15,000 like.

Some people admit that they have put this advice into practice and that from their perspective it works:”I did this until my baby was 4 months old. All the clothes on me were taken away. I do recommend grandma’s recipe,” commented a woman named Esmeralda.

@glowbysusie A tip from my mom 🥰 Have you heard this before? they will? #urinoterapia #tipsdebelleza #skincaretip #glowbysusie #remedioscaseros #skincare #manchas #cuidadodelapiel #viral #fyp ♬ Original Sound – Susana Niño

On the other hand, it has also been heavily criticized by others who insist that people should see a dermatologist when they experience skin problems rather than try this advice.

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