Timothée Chalamet breaks silence on Armie Hammer cannibalism scandal: ‘Disorientation is a good word’

Timothée Chalamet, wearing a black jacket over a white T-shirt, smiles in front of the steps and repeats to the camera in the foreground.  Behind him in the background, Armie Hammer, also dressed in black, smiles while looking in the opposite direction.  It's slightly blurry.
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Timothée Chalamet broke our hearts Call me by your name. And then he starred in a film about cannibals called Bones and all that… which was released simultaneously with his TsMBIN co-star Armie Hammer made headlines for allegedly being into cannibalism in real life.


Now Chalamet is finally breaking his silence on the matter. Kind.

In case you need a refresher, in 2021, Hammer was accused of sexual assault and assault by multiple women, including alleged cannibalistic fantasies and a “desire to drink (women’s) blood.”

He was kicked out of the agency and turned down several projects, but was ultimately cleared by the Los Angeles County District Attorney earlier this year.

The irony of working on a film about cannibals with Call me by your name director Luca Guadagnino did not stand aside from Chalamet. That’s for sure.

“I mean, what were the odds that we were developing this thing?” He said GQ in a recent cover.

But despite the rumors, the project has been in development since 2015, so there was no mention of Hummer at all.

“(The false reports) made me feel: now I Really must do it” Dunes – the actor explained. “Because it’s actually based on a book.”

(Guadagnino himself called any correlation “ridiculous.”)

However, the heartthrob behind Elio was hesitant to comment on the alleged sexual proclivities of his beloved Oliver.

When asked what he thought about the situation, Chalamet told the reporter: “I don’t know. These things end up being clickbaited so heavily. Disorientation is a good word.”

Clickbait?! The man was accused of cannibalism!

The interview was Chalamet’s first comment on the scandal since the news broke in 2021, when he declined to go into detail in an interview with the magazine. Time. (“I completely understand why you’re asking this,” he said. “But it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial answer.”)

And what did Hammer do after Cannibalgate?

In 2022 TMZ spotted him practicing selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands. However, photographs of him at work led to an immigration investigation. And as he said Airmail back in February: “No one will hire me. No one will insure me. And no one will touch me, because if they hire me, then these are the people who support rapists.”

Over the summer, he was caught having dinner with Alicia Vikander in Italy. And according to APHe wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post: “I look forward to beginning the long and difficult process of rebuilding my life now that my name has been cleared.”

Honestly it will cute it’s hard to pass by House of the Hammer. Once you have a thought-provoking Discovery+ series that documents you and your family’s worst misdeeds, it’s kind of game over.

That being said, Hammer may be planning a return to the big screen. If we ever do get this is often discussed Call me by your name a continuation, so to speak.

Guadagnino said Diversity that the second film is “a longing and a wish” but he “hasn’t decided what the story is going to be yet.” Hammer will “of course” be invited to reprise his character.

As for Timmy, he will play the main role of a chocolatier in Wonka in December of this year. His second turn as Paul Atreides in Dune: Part Two will hit theaters in March 2024 and will feature Austin Butler’s “entire film.” Elvis team” to prepare for the role of Bob Dylan. Sounds… interesting.

Oh yeah, and he’s a HUGE fan of our favorite homoerotic nationalist film. Top Shot: Maverick.

“(The film) was just extremely inspired me last summer when we did Dunes,” He said GQcalling it “one of the greatest films he’s ever seen.”

For the record, we love that beach volleyball scene too.

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