Tips and tricks for saving money on back-to-school expenses

this back to school It is one of the most expensive in recent years, with more than 50% of households expecting to pay between 300 and 500 euros. As the return to the classroom approaches, a number of preparations must be made, creating financial challenges for many families.

In fact, 38% of households have taken advantage of summer sales to buy in advance and thereby lighten their budgets, which is a 10% increase from last year.

for Save money this spending seasonit is important to follow some guidelines:

  • Before going out shopping, check the school supplies you already have at home to avoid duplicate purchases.

  • Buying in advance and taking advantage of leftover sales is an effective savings strategy.

  • Spread your expenses over time, for example, in the case of clothing, wait for the cold weather to arrive and buy a coat.

  • Consider your options for buying second hand, whether you are buying or selling. This is especially important for books that are often no longer used, so that you can preserve and give the material a second life.

  • Shopping without children around can help avoid impulse purchases.

Among the most popular products this season, footwear and school supplies topped the list at 78%, followed by clothing at 73%. Sportswear is also popular, with 58% demand, followed by books, with 49% demand.

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