Tips for receiving unemployment benefits and SEPE benefits in cash will help many people

Tips for receiving unemployment benefits and SEPE benefits in cash will help many people

All unemployed people and pensioners eagerly await the date when their monthly unemployment benefits are deposited into the bank, usually between the 22nd and 27th of each month. Although most citizens have savings accounts, there is still a small number of people who do not have one, and that is where the problem lies.

The easiest thing for the government to do is to send the corresponding subsidy through your bank.When you go through the process of receiving aid from an aid agency social Security Or in order to get unemployment benefits, the first thing they ask you to fill out on the form is your account number.In addition to simplifying procedures, the aim is to avoid tax fraud and comply with money laundering laws.

Once you have a bank account, everything goes through as soon as possible Possible, and always within the prescribed time limit and safely. However those who don’t have to find other recipes to collect.This is more complex because of the requirements and steps that need to be followed to collect it they are more complex.

How to receive unemployment benefits without a bank account?

when workers contribute More than 360 days in the past six years If you are unemployed, you are entitled to apply for contributory unemployment benefits. Once you start receiving payments, you must prove that the beneficiary is the payer.crucially Don’t charge other people Apart from him, what is allowed to do this is when the corresponding deposit is made to the bank account There is another co-owner.

This is one of the alternatives to the monthly payments offered by Social Security. Public agencies are also aware that there are other exceptions to receiving monthly cash payments. For this to happen, one of the following must occur:

  • when there is a Special case, While this is preserved, it prevents SEPE from crediting benefits to the account at certain times.

  • When an unemployed person demonstrates that certain personal circumstances may cause serious harm to their income, such as:

  • yes victims of gender violence or in special circumstances where personal privacy must be protected.

  • When the unemployed claim and prove it Can’t open A bank account.

  • When this person has Authorized by SEPE Documentation justifying payment by receipt and the reasons for this authorization.

In order to withdraw funds, you must go to a SEPE designated location or bank Bring receipt Payment method so they pay you every month.

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