Tips for Selling More on Secondhand “Apps”

The weather has (finally) changed and it’s time to replace your summer clothes with warm ones. A revolution in the wardrobe most of the time leaves us with clothes that no longer suit us, or simply put, clothes that we are tired of or no longer identify with. Many of them return to their forgotten boxes, waiting for another opportunity that usually doesn’t come. At best, they are donated to others for a second or third life.Appeared recently The third way is to sell them in various applications, which makes the second-hand market its raison d’être.

But these platforms have their own rules. Free up our “inventory” Vinted, Wallapop or other similar platforms are subject to a set of parameters that often go beyond the seller’s own concept of an offer.

“The first one Would recommend Just forget about purely economic issues No intention of doing business”Stylist and designer Mila Falcón warns that she sells about 400 items of clothing on these “apps,” many of which are authentic “vintage” jewelry. “I look at it more as a game and if I can make some money, that’s even better.”

based on your experiencea garment that has objective value because of its quality and/or design does not always sell well. on Vinted or other “apps”. He said that there are many kinds of publics, but in Spain, “They mainly look for clothes from well-known brands”. And, more specifically,They were also fashionable at the time. So, on the surface, sportswear from a certain brand or Lacoste is more “favored” than sportswear from Benetton because the former is now a trend.

In addition to luxury or fashion brands, there is another sales line corresponding to Mid-range companies aren’t particularly cheap. “They’re things you love, but it ‘stings’ when you spend the money,” Milla said. She gave some examples of particularly French designs, from Sezane, Maje or Franch, Prices are higher than usual at large chain stores.At the same time, he explained, they were also looking for Fast fashion styles from Zara or similar brands that have become bestsellers, sold out or timeless: “Like some of Zara’s ever-popular sailor pants, or certain jackets.”

When asked what works best in second-hand “applications”, Cristina Banzo repeats: “Brands, brands, brands.” Banzo specializes in table decorations and is used to moving in the world of French auctions and mustangs, At this point, Banzo developed an “eye” which, in the case of these platforms, was based on “Don’t look at the words but look at the photos.” “A lot of people don’t know what they have, it’s not that they lie, it’s that they don’t describe it well. He said it was lace, it was nylon, it was pure ignorance. “In his opinion, the true condition and quality of a product can only be seen in photos.

expectations vs reality

In this sense, another fundamental problem with these “applications” is How to combine expectations, the quality of our offering and the realities of the market when pricing. “Personally, it’s hard to sell, even a brand, without a significant reduction from the price you paid for it. You have to forget about the initial outlay or it will be very difficult. “Mira said.

Banzo commented that over the years, as a buyer through Vinted and Wallapop, she has confirmed that the first “app” is usually less expensive than the second.He explained: “I think There is an older ordinary seller in Wallapop, Usually people who have bought what he is selling or know how much it costs, which is why he is reluctant to drop the price too low; both andn Vinted has more young people Sometimes they sell mother’s things or you“They have less concept of quality, they don’t have as much emotional attachment, and they offer products at more affordable prices.”

In this difficult balance between supply and demand, between ideal and reality, there are few certainties or objective tricks to this “unique” market, but one of them is that “the clothes sold are always chosen according to their own characteristics” . In good condition, clean and ironed”, Mira said she also suggested If there is any type of defect or damage to the garment, please let us know.

As for the photos, designer and social media expert María Serrano says ““The photos that work best are those of a person trying on clothes.” For his part, he usually “puts two or three photos that include the general plan of the garment, some details of the fabric, and always an image of the brand’s label.”

serrano and falcon They emphasize that French women make excellent buyers. So it doesn’t hurt to give them a wink with a French text.

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