Tips for washing towels so they’re as soft and delicious as hotel towels // with video

We all agree that when we travel to another city or country and stay in a hotel, we spend a few days in comfort, good treatment and excellent service, which are the protagonists of our stay.The hotel went out of their way to provide us with a high level of service, so they took great care of everything, from the mattresses we slept on, to the cleaning service, and even Towel softnesstowel, though They look like they are new and you are using them for the first’s not like that at all: they clean them constantly, but they are in a Special shape to maintain its softness. We will tell you its secret in the next few lines.

The secret to soft hotel towels

Speaking of “vinegar”, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind must be vinegar. Use as salad dressing. Yes, it’s true that using vinegar in cooking is common, but if you didn’t know, white vinegar isn’t just a clear liquid used to dress salads, It is also a good helper for household cleaning..

And, due to its main component acetic acid and its acidic pH, cleaning vinegar can be used as 100% natural non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. It’s ideal for breaking down grease, eliminating bacteria, and neutralizing odors. From kitchens to bathrooms, white vinegar offers powerful cleaning benefits rarely found in supermarket cleaning products. Now we’ve just discovered another one of its many uses: Soften towels So much so that they look like they just came out of a five-star hotel.

Tips for making towels softer


How to Clean Towels with Vinegar to Always Look New and Delicious

We know you dream of towels at home that are as soft as your hotel towels, so we started investigating until we found the tricks the big hotel chains use to keep their towels as soft as possible and looking new for as long as possible. Time. Time. The trick is that they use a secret natural ingredient in their washes that we revealed to you above, white vinegar.

Use cleaning vinegar when washing towels. You get these soft and delicious things that come out of the washing machine Because vinegar removes detergent and fabric softener residue that builds up in fabric fibers, causing them to become stiffer and rougher. There are three different ways to use white vinegar to clean towels, each giving you different benefits:

Use white vinegar or cleaning vinegar and your towels will be as soft and delicious as your hotel towels.


for deep cleaning

To use white vinegar to deep clean your towels, what you should do is, instead of using fabric softener, use Add a half cup of cleaning vinegar during the rinse cycle Remove towels from washing machine when washing. This way, they will be perfectly clean without any trace of dirt.

To eliminate bad odors

white vinegar It also has the ability to neutralize odors.. So if your towels have a persistent odor, soak them in hot water with a cup of white vinegar for an hour before washing them normally.

Getting them out went very smoothly.

To restore softness and fluffiness to towels, Run a wash cycle with hot water and add a cup of white vinegar. Important: Do not use detergent during this step.

Bonus tip!

The last step, drying, is also important to get soft towels after washing. To do this, when drying your towel, Avoid overheating to maintain softness. Having previously used white vinegar during the wash phase will help them dry without leaving residue or odor.

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