Tips to help calm emotional hunger

Several factors influence hunger, which is our body’s natural response when it needs energy; one of these is anxiety, which many authors link to emotional hunger.

According to Nutrium, emotional hunger is a method we use to calm ourselves, relieve unpleasant or uncomfortable moments, and experience pleasant emotions. This can be done by having a meal with friends or eating our favorite dish to help relax those situations that may mean heightened anxiety due to stress.

Physical hunger manifests itself as a request for the nutrients the body needs to function, while emotional hunger is a response to an internal situation with more psychological roots, i.e. “hunger has functions of protection, relief, pleasure, and refuge.”

To avoid overeating, there are some suggestions we can follow, one of which is to eat our favorite childhood foods.

Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist and emotional eating expert in Cleveland, explains that this is because “comfort foods distract us from problems, taste good, and stimulate the brain’s reward system, giving you a certain hapiness.”

Eating a snack or sitting down to watch TV can also help reduce anxiety levels, which are a product of emotional hunger.

Tips for Combating Emotional Hunger

Nutritionist Naroa Esparza explained to Newsday that when you have the urge to eat something less healthy, you have to give in and give yourself permission to “hold a bag of Snack and relax in front of the TV”. food. “

He reassures that it’s okay to disconnect from food, and to choose to prepare a meal that reminds you of your home, your favorite traditions, or the foods of your childhood.

Among Esparza’s suggestions for dealing with emotional hunger, several work without relying on food.

As Esparza suggests, there are several things you can do to calm yourself down: Meditation, listening to music, deep breathing, smelling essential oils, sandalwood or lavender, or scented candles can all help you relax.

He also recommends talking to friends about stressful situations and “writing a letter to the person you miss, whether you send it to them or not.”

Engage in recreational activities such as dancing, going to concerts, going to the movies, drawing, or watching movies. Physical activity is also recommended to relieve stress.

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