Titanic, what happened to the actor who played the captain? Today he is 79 years old

There are actors who seem to be born for certain roles. Also Captain belonging Titanic he has the face and movements suited to the role. Bernard Hill commits 79 years old December 17, 2023. This is what happened after the famous blockbuster.

What happened to the actor who played the captain in Titanic?

movie type Titanic must see at least once in my life. In fact, being quite long in length, watching it more than once might be problematic. But anyone who hasn’t seen it probably missed the feature film. it marked an era. As most people know, the film was obviously meant to tell the story in a cinematic way: a tragedy as true as it is terriblethat of the British transatlantic RMS Titanic and him shipwreck.

The ship seems unsinkable: however, experts did not take into account iceberg. The film produced many actors who today continue to take part in successful products that are literally overpaid: first of all Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor is still very much loved and manages to convince in all his roles. Also Rose, Kate Winsletshe managed to get to international success.

But there is another actor who convinced everyone of the role he played in the famous feature film – Captain: We are talking about Bernard Hill. Do you know what his career was like after the film? Here’s what we know about him.

Bernard Hill’s career

Bernard Hill is an actor of British origin. He achieved real popularity thanks to Titanic V 1997. Everyone will remember him, in fact, as a commander Edward Smith from RMS Titanic. But after great success, the actor continued to take part in such famous productions as the trilogy. Lord of the Rings (in which he played Théoden) but also Wimbledon (starred in 2004).

Before Titanic he was not very lucky, but he still starred in more than one film. Among the films with his participation there are Bounty belonging 1984I work next tointernational cinema icon, Anthony Hopkinsbut also Mel Gibson AND Liam Neeson. More recently Bernard took on the role Philos no one Scorpio King and played a small role in Operation Valkyrie the same year.

Hill is lucky to have quite a specific record. In the history of cinema, only 3 films have had good wins. 11 Oscars and Bernard starred in 2 of these films: obviously one Titanicanother The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King in which he plays a role King Théoden of Rohan. Privately, Bernard married Marianne and from the woman he received only one child Who called Gabriel.

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