Tlaxcala pharmacies increase supply of flu medications – El Sol de Tlaxcala

As the temperature drops, Tlaxcaltecan Pharmacy They have started buying more anti-flu products for the whole family because now is the best season for these products.

small organization, Medium-sized stores and supermarkets display a wide range of medicines that do not require a prescription Contains analgesics and antipyretics such as paracetamol and chlorpheniramine to relieve headaches, runny nose, cough and fever to prevent respiratory infections.

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Although respiratory tract infections are spread year-round, Infections showed an increasing trend in October, November, December, January and February, This has resulted in many families purchasing flu medications and even antibiotics that require a prescription.

After the visit, this newspaper observed that the cost of influenza drugs depends on the brand, laboratory, presentation of tablets or syrups, Except for the institutions that buy them.

An average box of XL3 for common colds costs 38 pesos; XL3 Extra for flu and cough, 58 pesos; Compound chlorpheniramine 20 and 40 pesos; Loratadine 25 pesos; Theraflu for severe colds, 188 pesos; Pediatric drops for minors with nasal congestion, 74 pesos. Next Adult Flu Box, P69; Ambroxol Cough Syrup, P29: Desenfriol D, P34; Tempura 24 Hours, P34.

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Aid to relieve nasal congestion caused by colds 77 pesos: Tea, which helps relieve flu, is P97 per box; nasal cleansing water, P79; and Tukol cough syrup, P119.

Chapter 169 Garganda antipyretic, 30 pesos; honey and eucalyptus cough popsicles, 5 pesos.Nadia Mendoza

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