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Edited by Elio Rabbone

Murder in Venice – Secret. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Tina Fey, Kelly Reilly, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jamie Dornan and Kenneth Branagh. The famous Hercule Poirot has said enough. Although his clients continue to haunt him even in Venice, where he retired, this is primarily a voluntary exile. However, his old friend Ariadne Oliver, a detective writer, does not want to believe that Poirot can remain aloof from the mystery to be solved for longer than a whim, and for this reason she invites him on Halloween night to take part in a séance at the palace opera house. singer Rowena Drake, convincing him that he would have fun dispelling the myth of the medium Joyce Reynolds in front of everyone. Naturally, the occasion is enriched by murder, and Poirot is forced, no matter what, to return to work. Duration 90 minutes. (Ambrosio Room 1 also VO, Massawa, Eliseo Grande, Marx Brothers Groucho Room 1 and Room 2 in Greenwich Village, Ideal, Suite 3 Room, Reposi Room 2, The Space Torino, Uci Lingotto also VO, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri)

Wonderful summer – Dramatic. Directed by Laura Lucchetti, starring Ile Vianello, Deva Casel and Andrea Bosca. Turin, 1938. Ginia is sixteen years old: it seems that the future opens up endless possibilities for her, but the shadows of World War II hang over the present, and not only over her. Ginia, like everyone else, wants to fall in love and finds her man in a young artist. She is led to discover the artistic milieu of bohemian Turin by Amelia, a sensual and provocative girl who is a little older than her, but different from all the people she has met in her life and ready to have her confidence shaken. Torn between a sense of duty and a desire that confuses her, Ginia is overwhelmed by emotions that she does not dare name. During her “beautiful summer” she finally gives in to her feelings, celebrating the courage to be herself. Duration 110 minutes. (Roman room 2 and room 3)

Accidental strike – Comedy/Thriller. Directed by Woody Allen, Lou De Laage, Melville Poupaud and Nils Schneider. The fiftieth film for the author of Manhattan. Jean and Fanny are an ideal couple in the eyes of everyone, they are fulfilled in their professional lives, live in an elegant apartment in a chic area of ​​today’s Paris and both look truly in love. And suddenly something changes. Fanny meets Alain, an old school friend, and it seems that everything is falling apart, every day is being turned upside down, compared to the beauty seen up to that moment, all feelings are gone. Perhaps Fanny begins to notice the cold and insincere side of her husband, who “uses” her for a social life. Yesterday and today are compared, and the life that Fanny lives, of course, does not turn out victorious. To what results? Thanks to chance, from the very beginning, of course, the old Allen bug, as Match Point taught us a few years ago. Duration 93 minutes. (National Hall 1, Romano Hall 2, The Space Torino, screenings are on audio, starting at 20:30 – Live broadcast with Woody Allen)

Ursa Major – Dramatic. Directed and starring Louis Garrel. Ursa Major is a constellation, but it is also a puppet theater, and it is the story of a family of puppeteers: brothers Louis, Martha and Lena; a father who runs a company and a grandmother who makes puppets. Together they form a troupe and stage puppet shows. One day after a performance, the father has a stroke and dies: his children are left alone. Duration 95 minutes. (Roman Hall 3)

I’m the captain – Dramatic. Directed by Matteo Garrone, with Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fallem. The director of Dogman and Pinocchio tells the story of the youth of two Senegalese boys and their desire to leave Dakar to travel to Italy and find places where they can express their desire to create music. Despite his mother’s prohibition, Seydoux leaves with his cousin Moussa: crossing the desert where one can forget to die, money needed for passports and for any requests from unscrupulous people, always a contradictory nature, imprisonment and torture. A Libya of promises that only hide insults, wounds, the responsibility of driving one of the many sea boats for a boy who doesn’t even know how to swim, the Italian coast visible in the distance. For Garrone, Seydoux’s journey ends with a cry of “I am captain”: the future lies with him. Which? Duration 121 minutes. (Ambrosio, room 2, Classic, Marx Brothers Harpo room, Romano room 1)

Jeanne DuBarry – The King’s Favorite – Historical, dramatic. Directed by Maiwenn, with Johnny Depp, Pierre Richard, Melville Poupaud and Maiwenn. Born into poverty, Jeanne du Barry is a young working-class woman with a thirst for culture and pleasure who uses her charm to climb the social ladder until she becomes the favorite companion of the ruler of France. Unaware of his status as a courtesan, Louis XV regains his zest for life through their relationship. The two fall madly in love. Contrary to all decency and etiquette, Jeanne moves to Versailles, where her arrival shocks the entire court. Louis XV died in 1774, and DuBarry was forced to retire to a monastery: thus Marie Antoinette began to reign supreme over the soil of France. Duration 116 minutes. (Greenwich Village, room 3, Repository, room 4, Uci Lingotto, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri)

Oppenheimer – Historical, dramatic. Directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Kenneth Branagh, Matt Damon and Gary Oldman. In 1942, at the height of World War II, convinced that Hitler’s Germany was developing nuclear weapons, the United States gave the go-ahead for the creation of the Manhattan Project in great secrecy at Los Alamos, in the New Mexico desert. a project aimed at building the first atomic bomb in history. The American government decides to entrust the project to the brilliant physicist Robert J. Oppenheimer. Born in New York in 1904 to a family of German and Jewish descent, he had already made major contributions to the development of modern physics in just under forty years. In the top-secret laboratories of Los Alamos, a scientist and his team of specialists begin to develop a revolutionary weapon, the terrible consequences of which continue to be felt to this day. Duration 184 minutes. (Massawa, Due Giardini Nirvana room and Ombrerosse room, Marx Brothers Chico room, Greenwich Village room 1/2/3 VO, Ideal also VO, Lux 2 room, Nazionale 3 room, Reposi 1 room, The Space Torino, Uci Lingotto also VO , The Space Beinasco, Usi Moncalieri)

Time order – Dramatic. Directed by Liliana Cavani, starring: Alessandro Gassmann, Claudia Gerini, Edoardo Leo and Ksenia Rappoport. A group of friends gather in a large villa to celebrate the birthday of one of them, while news looms over everyone that a giant asteroid is about to collide with the Earth. An ending that leads everyone to personal confessions. Paolo Mereghetti wrote in the columns of the Corriere della Sera after the Venetian vision (accompanied by the Golden Lion for lifetime achievements, placed in the hands of the ninety-year-old author of The Night Porter and Francesco): “Everyone becomes a champion of the idea of ​​​​life, which needs to be “explained” to the public (sometimes convincingly, sometimes a little less) in the name of cinema, which openly declares its didactic function and its pedagogical ambitions.” Duration 112 minutes. (Ambrosio, room 3)

Patagonia – Dramatic. Directed by Simone Bolzelli, with Andrea Fuorto and Augusto Mario Rossi. Yuri lives in the small town of Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast in the company of his aunts, who continue to treat him like a boy. The arrival of Agostino, a very young artist hired for the party, suddenly changes his life, seeing in him a great desire for freedom, a desire to be freed from the same old routine and to go on a journey that he has never taken with a new person. Friend. An escape from home, a new community of friends, an unknown way to live your days. Duration 112 minutes. (Ambrosio, room 3)

The most beautiful century of my life – Comedy. Directed by Alessandro Bardani, with Sergio Castellani, Valerio Lundini and Carla Signoris. On the one hand, Gustavo, a hundred-year-old man, a guest at a nursing home, unaware of his origins, since his mother never wanted to recognize him; on the other hand, Giovanni, a volunteer of the National Association of Adoptive Parents and Natural Parents, in the same state is ready to curse the Italian law that does not allow unrecognized children to have confidence in their birth until they reach the hundredth year. A battle that will unite both. Duration 90 minutes. (Due Giardini, Ombreross, Eliseo, Nazionale, hall 1 and hall 4)

Family portrait – Dramatic. Directed by Roshdi Zem, with Sami Buahila, Maiwen and Roshdi Zem. Moussa was always kind, selfless and always there for his family. He is the complete opposite of his brother Ryad, a TV presenter who was criticized for being selfish. He is protected only by Moussa, who deeply admires him. One day Moussa falls and hits his head hard. He has a head injury, he is unrecognizable, and he talks to his family without filters. He will end up arguing with everyone except Rayad. Duration 85 minutes. (Greenwich Village, room 3)

The taste of happiness – Comedy. Director: Slonie Sow, starring: Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Richard and Sandrine Bonnaire. None of the beauty of life any longer captivates Gabriel Cravin, the multi-star chef, nor his family, nor, above all, his own business in the prestigious restaurant that he led and made famous. He even had a heart attack, after which he required surgery: but the course of the postoperative period revealed a deterioration in his outlook on life. Gabriel also recalls the time when he was defeated in an ancient competition by a Japanese chef who presented him with nothing but a plate of spaghetti in broth. He decides to go in search of the person who contributed to the destruction of his existence and ask him what the secret of this dish is. Something will definitely come out of this trip. Duration 105 minutes. (Central)

Endless Sunday – Dramatic. Directed by Alain Parroni, with Enrico Bassetti, Zachary Delmas, Federica Valentini and Lars Rudolf. A love triangle born in the summer between Alex, Brenda and Kevin, which turns into something even more rapid with the first autumn rains. Three teenagers live between the provinces and the bustling center of the capital. When Brenda discovers she’s expecting a baby, the three boys face unexpected responsibilities that make them adults for the first time. The discovery of pregnancy would jeopardize not only their independence and desire for freedom, but also their suffering as social outsiders. Duration 115 minutes. (National Hall 2)

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