Today at the cinema. The plots of the films in the theaters of Turin

Edited by Elio Rabbione

Air – The story of the big jump – Comedy drama. Directed by Ben Affleck, with Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Viola Davis and Ben Affleck. It’s 1984, Reagan is in the White House, Apple launches its first Macintosh and Michael Jordan has yet to set foot on an NBA parquet. But with what shoes? Converse and Adidas share the market for top conference teams, stars on posters and college seniors. Nike, the company named after the goddess of victory that no one knows how to pronounce, lags far behind. And for Phil Knight, its co-founder and runner in college and soul, it can’t go well. Duration 112 minutes. (Centrale VO, Massawa, Due Giardini sala Ombrerosse, Fratelli Marx sala Chico, Greenwich Village sala 1 e sala 2, Ideal, Reposi sala 4, The Space Torino, Uci Lingotto, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri)

The appointment – Dramatic. Directed by Teona Strugar Mitevska. Asja is forty years old and lives in Serajevo. She is single, she goes to an event made to meet new people. She meets Zoran, a 43-year-old banker. However, he is not there looking for a sentimental situation but because he needs forgiveness from those who in 1993 were his victims of her, when he fought in the city and belonged to the opposite faction. To close the circle, in fact, she needs to meet her first victim. Duration 95 minutes. (Roman room 3)

As bestas – The land of discord – Dramatic. Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, with Marina Foïs and Luis Zahera. Antoine and Olga are a French couple now living for a long time in a small Galician village. In order to live, they engage in organic farming and restore old houses, in order to encourage the repopulation of uninhabited places. Everything starts to get complicated with a new project that has to do with wind energy and because of which they come into conflict with their neighbors. The best Spanish film of the year. “As bestas” was designated Film of the Critics by the Italian National Syndicate of Film Critics – SNCCI with the following motivation: “Working on the time of the story, dilated and elliptical, Rodrigo Sorogoyen stages, with a shocking naturalism, the atavistic violence of men when they become like “the beasts”. Set in the deep rural Spain of Galicia, the film moves between the registers of thriller and drama, without forgetting that of the western with duels not in the sun, working on a latent and exhausting tension of the conflict between the male characters”. Duration 137 minutes. (Eliseo Grande and Eliseo Rosso, Greenwich room 1 and room 2)

delta – Dramatic. Directed by Michele Vannucci, with Luigi Lo Cascio and Alessandro Borghi. Set between the waters that run between Ferrara and Rovigo, in the midst of seas of fog, a group of poachers who have come from Romania are dedicated to illegal fishing. In the middle is Elia, he was born in those places, he had already moved away from them and now he’s there again doing that old job. His fate crosses that of Osso, one of the many volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to preside, he with his sister and with a combative association. Two groups and two different ideas of life, to contract day after day, while new feelings also find a place in that struggle. Duration 105 minutes. (Ambrosio room 1)

The Pope’s Exorcist – Horror. Directed by Julius Avery, with RussellCrowe, Daniel Zovatto and Franco Nero. Based on the memoirs of Father Amorth. The priest, while investigating the demonic possession that has struck a boy, will discover an ancient conspiracy that the Vatican continues to keep hidden. Duration 103 minutes. (The Space Turin, Uci Lingotto, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri)

John Wick 4 – Action. Directed by Chad Stahelski, with Keani Reeves, Donnie Yen and Laurence Fishburne. Another chapter for the legendary killer, lived after the last adventure under protection in the kingdom of the King of the Bowery, waiting for revenge. Now the new enemy is the Marquis of Gramont, who has been given full powers, in the new affirmation of the order. New companions for John, old names that recur in new adventures. Duration 168 minutes. (Massaua, Ideal, Reposi room 4, The Space Turin, Uci Lingotto, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri)

My – Dramatic. Directed by Ivano De Matteo, with Edoardo Leo and Greta Gasbarri. Mia is a teenager grappling with a sick love. Sergio is a caring father who can’t rest in not seeing her happy and, overwhelmed by her desperation, ponders putting an end to that situation. Ivano di Matteo’s cinema leaves no way out. He stages raw, very hard stories, imbued with realism, often desperate, sometimes shocking, punctually capable of questioning the viewer. An uncompromising cinema, to take or leave: up to the most extreme, explosive and devastating emotions. Duration 108 minutes. (Uci Lingotto, Uci Moncalieri)

November – The five days after the Bataclan – Dramatic. Directed by Cédric Jimenez, with Jean Dujardin and Jérémie Renier. The director reconstructs the days following the terrorist attacks of 13 November 2015, attacks that shocked Paris and the whole of France. Each fact is linked to a police operation that took place in Athens the previous January, in which Fred, an agent of the French anti-terrorist squad, had taken part. Each event ends with the 130 dead scattered after about ten months on the streets of the capital. The manhunt, the escape of the culprits, the interceptions, the patrols, the final squeeze. Duration 100 minutes. (Greenwich Village room 3, Uci Lingotto, Uci Moncalieri)

The pioneers – Comedy. Directed by Luca Scivoletto, with Mattia Bonaventura, Francesco Cilia, Peppino Mazzotta and Lorenza Indovina. Sicily, summer of 1990. Enrico is twelve years old and has all the problems of kids his age. But it’s not raging hormones or unrequited love that haunt him. The biggest problem of him is called the Italian Communist Party. The party of his father – local manager and probable future regional secretary – and of his mother, in charge of the orthodox education of the children: no religion, no Reebook, no Rambo, no Nintendo. In practice: no social life. Apart from Renato, Enrico’s only friend, also the son of Communists (his father dead from too much political passion and his mother alive but no less passionate) who at the age of twelve dresses and talks like a sixty-year-old official. He really believes in communism. Enrico, on the other hand, would just like to be like the others. Duration 86 minutes. (National team room 3)

When – Comedy. Directed by Walter Veltroni, with Neri Marcorè, Stefano Fresi, Gianmarco Tognazzi and Valeria Solarino. Giovanni’s young life paused in the summer of 1984 in San Giovanni, during the collective grief for the death of Enrico Berlinguer, due to the flagpole that ended tragically on his head. After 31 years he wakes up from a coma and it’s like a new rebirth, as an adult. Everything has changed, the world he had left is no longer: his family, his girlfriend, his beloved party, everything in this new era is turned upside down. Giovanni is like a fifty-year-old child, he must learn to move in this new dimension, also accepting the loss of old ties and the discovery of new ones. Duration 113 minutes. (Elisha Rosso, Roman room 3)

The return of Casanova – Comedy. Directed by Gabriele Salvatores, with Toni Servillo, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Sara Serraiocco, Bianca Panconi and Natalino Balasso. The story of an established director who, reluctant to accept the passing of time, decides to tell the story of the great adventurer and seducer in his latest film. During filming he will realize that he is very similar to the character he is portraying, even more than he could have imagined. Duration 90 minutes. (National team room 4)

Forgot – Comedy. Directed by Rocco Papaleo, with Rocco Papaleo, Giorgia and Simone Corbisiero. The life of Orlando, a gentle piano tuner, tormented by back pain, changes when he meets Olga, a charming physiotherapist, who diagnoses him with an “emotional” contracture and asks him to bring her a photograph of himself as a young man, so that she can help him. to solve his problems. The unusual request will push Orlando to travel and almost like a spectator to relive the events of his life that made him the solitary and “contracted” man he is today. Duration 90 minutes. (Ambrosio room 3, Lux room 1, Romano room 2, Uci Moncalieri)

The sun of the future – Comedy, by and with Nanni Moretti, and with Silvio Orlando, Margherita Buy, Barbora Bobulova and Mathieu Amalric. Mid-fifties, 1956 exactly, the day after the Russian tanks invade Hungary. Comrade Bobulova, in a climate of strong second thoughts, embraces the cause of the invaded people, comrade Orlando, secretary of the section, goes straight on the road dictated by Migliore and once again obeys the will and directives of the Union of Republics, the now inevitable Buy is the wife of Gianni, a film director (we are in the panorama of cinema within the cinema) and she really thinks of leaving him. Political reinterpretations in a Morettian context, seasoned with Fellinianism, read the world of the circus. In competition at the next Cannes. Duration 90 minutes. (Ambrosio room 1, Due Giardini room Nirvana, Eliseo Grande and Eliseo Blu, Marx Brothers Groucho room, Nazionale room 1 and room 2, Reposi room 5, Romano room 1, The Space Torino, Uci Lingotto, The Space Beinasco, Uci Moncalieri) . Nanni Moretti will present the film on Sunday 23 April at the Roman cinema at 5.30 pm and at the National cinema at 4.30 pm, at the end of the screening he will greet the audience; Before the show at 9.15 pm he will be at the Reposi cinema to greet the audience.

The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan – Adventure. Directed by Martin Bourboulon, with François Civil, Vincent Cassel, Eva Green, Romain Douris and Louis Garrel. The story of D’Artagnan, an enterprising and lively boy, originally from Gascony. Everyone believes he died following the kidnapping of a girl (he had to face those who tried to harm her), but he is already in Paris looking for the attackers. But even greater and more exciting adventures await him in the capital of the reign of Louis XIII, alongside the king’s Musketeers who fight against the ruses of Cardinal Richelieu. He will fall in love with Constance, confidante of the queen and will have in Milady her fiercest enemy. Duration 121 minutes. (Uci Lingotto, Uci Moncalieri)

Love’s last night – Thriller. Directed by Andrea Di Stefano, with Pierfrancesco Favino, Linda Caridi and Francesco Di Leva. The night before his retirement, police lieutenant Franco Amore is called to investigate the crime scene where his best friend and longtime partner Dino was killed during a robbery. It will become clear that Amore was involved in the robbery and that only the love of his wife Viviana will help him survive this fateful night. Duration 120 minutes. (Ambrosio room 2)

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