Today’s almanac, Tuesday 8 August: first takeoff at the Hunaudières racecourse

It happened today

There was a lot of skepticism, especially among the French, about the American Wright brothers and their new invention (some newspapers branded them “bluffs”). Therefore, a public demonstration was urgently required. The first takeoff in front of spectators took place on August 8, 1908 at the Hunaudières racecourse near Le Mans. Wilbur hovered in his flying machine for only one minute and 45 seconds, but the audience was amazed that he managed to make a circle. And the French no longer doubted. For many years between the wars, airships were considered a worthy alternative to airplanes (then there was the Hindenburg disaster, but that’s another story). On August 8, 1929, Graf Zeppelin took off from Lakehurst, New Jersey, heading east on a world tour. He will complete it successfully in three weeks. It was the record for the first non-stop flight over the Pacific Ocean. © PLAYBACK PROTECTED (Luigi Gaetani)

born of the day

Emiliano Zapata (August 8, 1879) is a Mexican revolutionary, anarchist and general.

Achille Varzi, 8 August 1904, motorcyclist and racing driver

Dino De Laurentiis, August 8, 1919, film producer

Leo Chiosso, August 8, 1920, broadcaster and playwright

Esther Williams, born August 8, 1921, is an American swimmer and actress.

Joseph TaliercioAugust 8, 1927, engineer and business manager

Dustin Hoffman, born August 8, 1937, is an American actor and film producer.

Bruno Lausi, August 8, 1937, songwriter, composer and stand-up comedian

Massimo Dapporto, August 8, 1945, actor, voice actor and dialogue writer

Keith CarradineAugust 8, 1949 American actor, singer and songwriter

Lucia Annunziata, August 8, 1950, writer, journalist and television presenter

Louis van Gaal, 8 August 1951, Dutch football manager and former player

Giuseppe Conte, August 8, 1964, politician, jurist and jurist

Francesco Giorgino, August 8, 1967, journalist and broadcaster

Roger Federer, born 8 August 1981, Swiss former tennis player

Danilo Gallinari, August 8, 1988, basketball player

Ludovico Tersigni, August 8, 1995, actor, musician and television presenter

Shawn Mendes (August 8, 1998) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, and model.

dead day

Trajan, August 8, 117, Roman Emperor

William PepeAugust 8, 1855, general, patriot and historian

Nikolai Yakovlevich MyaskovskyAugust 8, 1950, Russian composer

Luigi Sturzo, August 8, 1959, priest and politician

Olivia Newton-John (8 August 2022) is a British singer and actress.

Saint of the day

Saint Dominic of Guzman, founder of the Order of Monks-Preachers. He was born into a wealthy family who sent him to Palencia, where he took courses in the humanities and theology. In 1191, during a famine, he sold his property to feed the poor. After completing his studies, at the age of 24, he entered the canons regular of Osma Cathedral. He preached extensively in the south of France. In Toulouse, according to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to him and gave him a rosary. He died on 6 August 1221.

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