Today’s almanac, Tuesday, August 22: the first written evidence of the Loch Ness monster

It happened today

On August 22, 2004, two armed robbers broke into the National Gallery in Oslo – during opening hours – and stole two paintings by Munch, including the famous “Scream”. It was the second time in ten years that an expressionist artist’s masterpiece, valued at the time at about $50 million, was stolen. The Norwegian police will be able to return the paintings in a couple of years. No desperate cries escaped the lips of Saint Columba when he stumbled upon the Loch Ness monster. According to legend, an Irish monk who was remembered for bringing Christianity to the Scots met him on August 22, 564. The episode is described in the biography of the saint and is the first written evidence of a mythological creature. Nessie was about to attack a follower of Columba who was swimming in the lake, but he did not lose heart, called to God and ordered the beast to leave immediately. Historians doubt the veracity of this story… (Luigi Gaetani)

born of the day

Carlo Piscane, August 22, 1818, patriot.

Alfredo Oriani, August 22, 1852, writer

Claude Debussy, August 22, 1862, French composer and pianist.

Dorothy Parker (August 22, 1893) is an American writer.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, August 22, 1908, French photographer.

Ray Bradbury, August 22, 1920, American writer

Mats Wilander, born 22 August 1964, Swedish former tennis player

Lazza, August 22, 1994, rapper

Dua Lipa, 22 August 1995, British singer

Lautaro Martinez (born August 22, 1997) is an Argentine footballer.

dead day

Jean-Honore Fragonard, 22 August 1806, French painter

Maria Christina of Bourbon-Sicily, 22 August 1878, Spanish empress

Ignazio Silone, August 22, 1978, writer

Sandro Mazzinghi, August 22, 2020, former boxer.

Saint of the day

Saint TimothyRoman martyr. Little is known about its history. According to a story taken from the Acts of Silvestro Pope, Timothy devoted himself to spreading the gospel and for this popularizing work in 303 he was arrested and killed by the prefect Tarquinio.

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