Today’s Diary | Former Smash Mouth band leader Steve Harwell passed away

Singer Steve Harwell, leader of Smash Mouth.

New York State, USA. Steve Harwell, founder and former leader of American band Smash Mouth, best known for songs “All Star” and ” “Walkin’ on the Sun” is famous around the world.

The singer, who left the band in 2021 due to health reasons, died at his home in Boise (northern Idaho) “surrounded by family and friends,” according to a rep for the band. Smash your mouthRobert Hayes, to the magazine rolling stones This is a statement.

Death was attributed to complications from liver disease.

Harwell was born in 1967 and founded Smash Mouth in California in 1994 with drummer Kevin Coleman, guitarist Greg Camp and bassist Paul De Lisle. According to musicologists, the still-existing band still maintains a mix of pop, rock, ska and punk.

Smash Mouth achieved global fame with the 1997 album “Floating in the vastness” and success “Walking in the sunshine”as Havel claimed rolling stones In 2019, “It changed music and the way people listened to music” Thanks for “the sound we created” and “no one can replicate it”.

The band won again in 1999 with the Grammy-nominated “All Star,” which also appeared on the soundtrack of the blockbuster film “Shrek”.

According to the newspaper New York TimesOver the past 25 years, “All Stars” has been adapted many times and has been played nearly one billion times on Spotify.

Harwell left the band in October 2021 after a concert in upstate New York in which he insulted the audience.

With Harvell, Smash Mouth sold 10 million records worldwide, according to a statement from their manager.

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