Today’s Diary | “Hilarbahilar”: OSIC and Fine Arts present an exhibition at Club Mbigua

Hilarbailar will be performed at Club Mbigua this Wednesday.Photo: Courtesy

The Orchestra of Congress (OSIC) and the Fine Arts Dance Company will present the show “Hilarbahilar” on Wednesday, September 27 at 8:00 pm at the El Mbigua National Rowing Club. This entity provides free boat service.

This is a special program of contemporary music and dance, with works created by Horacio Viñales Méndez and Mathías Florentín, with creativity and choreography by Edith Correa.So there are also mozartsoloists: Adriana Aquino, flute; Alexander da Silva, harp.

Directed by Gabriel Graziani, “Hilal Bashi Lal” Its themes focus on cities and their forms of existence. Concerts and shows start on the terrace of Club Mbigua and then move to the same beach next to the bay.

The choreographic work is to music by two young national composers: “Tráfico”, “Rutina” and “Espera y altibajos” by Mathías Florentín; by Horacio Viñales Méndez, “Street performance. Ballet in real life”, structured by “The Dawn of Forgotten”, “Muffled Scream”, “Barefoot on the Asphalt”, “The Blind Man’s Labyrinth”, “Dance of the Rapids”, “In the Dark” Diversity,” “Lateral Paranoia,” and “A Lonely and Painful Sunday.”

To cross the bay, boats depart from the port of Asunción, next to the ANNP building in Hernandarias.

this Fine Arts Dance Companydirected by Gloria Oviedois a contemporary dance group of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, whose main objectives are to contribute to the professional training process of its students and graduates and to disseminate the bachelor’s degree in dance awarded by this higher education institution.

In itself, capitol symphony orchestracreated in 2012 and directed by the master Diego Sanchez Haas; Develop an intense concert activity to promote world symphonic music, especially the creations of contemporary Paraguayan and Latin American composers.

“Hilarbahilar” by El Cabildo Republic Cultural Center.

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