Today’s Diary | IPS Ophthalmology registers about 5,000 consultations every month

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Professionals perform an average of 300 surgeries per month, including cataract surgeries, retinal surgeries, corneal transplants and other surgeries.

Among IPS ophthalmology services, the average 5,000 queries per month.

The average performance of medical professionals is 300 surgeries per month, include Cataract surgery and other surgeries, Retina, corneal transplants, strabismus correction, glaucoma treatment and ocular plastic surgery.

Furthermore, between these, approx. 1,300 to 1,500 cases are emergencies, mainly conjunctivitis Approximately 250 patients per month Due to a foreign body in the eye, emergency consultation from 150 to 180, Next, document trauma, workplace accidents, and home accidents.

The service has also carried out more than 4,000 studies per monthwhich includes things like Intraocular pressure curve, endothelial cell count, computerized visual fieldoptical coherence tomography, pachymetry, retinal examination, retinography, angiography, topography, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) detection.

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is also like this, Ecological biometrics and vision testing.Angiography, retinography.

In addition, topography, computerized visual field, endothelial cell count, pachymetry, retinal examination (ROP in prematurity) in adults and children; laser and Yag laser, Avastin Intravitra injection in children and adults.

inside The Ambulatory Care Center for Ophthalmology (CAA) has 8 modern diagnostic facilities Latest generation and highly qualified professional team.

This ensures that policyholders receive high-quality services.suggestion Insured persons receive annual examinations to detect possible vision health problems.

IPS is located in the central area Eye clinics and policyholders can schedule appointments Through the MI IPS application or through the call center.

glasses provided

On the other hand, as Get insured and have a chance to get glasses, Contribute to improving quality of life.

This valuable service is provided through optical part, Responsible for issuing eyeglasses to the entity’s insured insureds.

To receive this benefit, the insured must:

• Present a medical prescription from the institution with the legible signature and seal of the attending physician.

• Provide a copy of the insured person’s ID card.

• Contribute to IPS for at least six months.

• It is worth mentioning that the insured person can receive one pair of glasses every year.

Once he The doctor has issued a prescription and the insured is valid for 30 days The optical section is displayed on the ground floor of the building “Facundo Insfrán”, located in Herrera, between Brazil and Constitución.

he Opening hours are Monday to Friday, From 07:15 to 14:15. Once your prescription is approved by the optical department, you have 15 days to visit your optician, who will prepare and deliver your glasses.

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