Today’s NBA News: LeBron James, James Harden and Dillon Brooks


Get the top NBA news for Friday, September 8th.

LeBron James is the star of the Los Angeles Lakers.
©Getty ImagesLeBron James is the star of the Los Angeles Lakers.

of each team NBA They are preparing for pre-season and expectations are starting to grow.There are a few stars in the center of the scene, e.g. LeBron James praises Christian Wood, who recently joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

on the other hand, James Harden has 4 possible teams interested in his services Facing the 2023/24 season.although Dillon Brooks calls himself ‘the best perimeter defender in the world’.

LeBron James and his sixth sense: He saw Christian Wood coming!

Long before Christian Wood joined the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James spotted the player’s potential.During the confrontation between the two sides lakers and houston rocketswhen Wood was still defending Texas colors. lebron He did not hesitate to warn his companions Marc Gasol About Wood’s talent. “Catch it, catch it”LeBron exclaimed, “That guy (Wood) is a problem. Curb it”.

Who would have thought that years later, the two would be wearing the same shirt looking for a new ring. NBA. Now, With the 2023-24 NBA season just around the corner, the James Wood duo is expected to be one of the best.Fans are very much looking forward to seeing the game between these two giants, especially the Lakers’ debut against denver nuggets October 24th.

NBA chess is on the move!James Harden, the coveted player

The environment is NBA It’s full of expectations. James Hardencurrent player 76ersHis recent comments have caused a stir, and now, the basketball world is wondering: Where will he play next season? Rumors point to four great teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls, and Houston Rockets.

Each of these teams sees hardening This piece can complete their puzzle and guide them to glory.although The Lakers may be dreaming of a trio with LeBron and Davis, and the Mavericks see an opportunity to create an explosive duo with Luka Doncic. really, The next few months will be crucial to Harden’s fate and the balance of power NBA.

Dillon Brooks takes on NBA

Dillon Brooksstar forward houston rocketsis at its golden moment NBA Just like at the World Cup, he proudly represented Team Canada.after an unforgettable confrontation Luka Doncic As for Slovenia, Brooks expressed his confidence and self-esteem without hesitation: “I feel like I’m the best perimeter defender in the league, the NBA, the world.”.

In addition to his defensive talents, Brooks has proven to be a key player in the offense, averaging 55.6% from three-point range.. Under the guidance of coach Jordy Fernandez, The youngster aims to lead Canada to its first medal in World Cup history.

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